From water and district heating pipe networks to flood analysis and surface drainage, EFLA is your consultancy partner in water management. We’ll help you meet the water challenges of today and tomorrow.

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Whole water network analysis

At EFLA, we’re experts in all things water, working with companies and municipalities on water and district heating projects. We tend to take a whole network analysis approach, identifying challenges from that analysis and finding resolutions. The degree of support we offer ranges from comprehensive to project specific. We’re fully aware of the effects that climate change is having on the water sector, and aim to boost the resilience of water and district heating networks. To tackle increased storm intensity, we prioritise sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) for rainfall, and run flood models to predict changes in rivers and floodplains.

Quality and sustainability

At EFLA, we’re proud of our comprehensive knowledge of water and district heating networks. This breadth of expertise enables us to employ system analysis for large networks, and solve complex problems. We also specialise in managing networks, as well project management for diverse utility projects. Planning, designing and retrofitting SuDS is another speciality of ours. In new planning areas, we often work with SuDS, flood analysis, and network planning from the early stages. We believe this is crucial for the successful implementation of SuDS and the optimal layout of water networks. In everything we do, we prioritise cost-efficiency and sustainability.

Water networks for the future

Our goal is to keep water flowing – despite the challenges of climate change and the increased pressure on water reservoirs. Throughout each project, we are conscious of the fact that we must prepare water networks for the future, when pressures and demands will be different. The flood analyses we carry out and the SuDs we install will equip municipalities and communities with increased resilience and a better understanding of flood risk.

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