Wastewater and Treatment

Whether it’s designing a new wastewater system for a neighbourhood, or modernising older facilities, EFLA is here to help, offering comprehensive technical consultancy services for municipalities and businesses.

sewage treatment plant and blue sky

Wastewater consultancy services

Efficient wastewater systems are essential on public health and environmental grounds. One key problem occurs when combined sewers overflow during rainstorms. To reduce this strain on wastewater systems in populated areas, EFLA designs double systems that separate storm water from sewage. We’re also experts in sustainable drainage systems (SuDS), which control surface run-off to relieve pressure on sewers. Where reliable wastewater treatment is lacking in smaller communities and rural Iceland, we assess the system as a whole. We develop practical, cost-effective methods to boost services, ensuring a sustainable, efficient and reliable wastewater management system for these communities.

Quality and sustainability

At EFLA, our focus is always on sustainability and circular economy principles. In wastewater management, this includes exploring pathways to reuse collected materials such as lipids and sand. Our expert consultants provide technical services including system analysis and design at all project stages. We have a strong track record in developing and designing wastewater facilities, providing services such as:

  • Stormwater and overflow solutions
  • Water and wastewater solutions for the tourist industry in remote locations
  • Sewage pumping stations, treatment plants and outlets
  • Predesign of pipe systems and local planning
  • Consulting at national level

Optimal wastewater systems

With EFLA’s support, your municipality or company can be assured of optimised wastewater systems that prioritise sustainability, safety, cost-effectiveness and efficiency. With our expertise, you’ll get optimised designs every step of the way. Our experts will strive to collaborate closely with you and all your stakeholders, sticking to timelines and budgets throughout. The end result: enhanced treatment capacity, reduced environmental impact, lower public health risk, and improved overall efficiency in wastewater systems.

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