Sustainability Strategy and Management

Sustainable management is key to an organisation’s ability to thrive. At EFLA, our consultants will help you implement strategies and management systems for a purposeful, positive impact on society and the environment.

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Enhancing ESG

At EFLA, our team is highly experienced in helping companies and institutions in a range of sectors with strategic planning to enhance their social and environmental responsibility. This includes analysing the most important sustainability issues in their operations, and defining and executing continuous operational improvement. We’ll work closely with you to implement certified management systems, including:

  • ISO 14001 to manage the operational environmental impact
  • ISO 45001 to manage occupational risk
  • ISO 9001 to manage operational quality

Our experts assist not only in the strategic process, but also in defining appropriate procedures, monitoring and auditing, and in ensuring legal compliance.

Quality and sustainability

Sustainability is embedded in all EFLA’s strategies, operations and practices. We’d like to help your organisation do the same. Our team will work closely with you and your stakeholders to understand your unique needs. Then we’ll use our broad knowledge and cross-sector experience to help you draw up a sustainability strategy and implement the right management system, including policies, action plans and measurable goals. We’re determined to help you take a strategic and systematic approach to building a greener, safer, more socially responsible organisation, adding value to your business in all that we do.

Sustainable businesses

By implementing sustainable and socially responsible strategies, organisations not only meet regulatory requirements, but also gain business advantages. Benefits include higher quality products, cost savings, greater efficiencies, lower environmental impact, better working conditions, and less likelihood of workplace accidents and their associated costs. It will also enhance your company or institution’s reputation among stakeholders, employees and the public, giving you a competitive advantage and helping you to grow your business.

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