Waste Management

Reliable waste management is vital to protect public health and the environment, and make our communities pleasant places to live. EFLA offers consultancy services for sustainable, legally compliant, and cost-effective waste management systems.

Recyling system in different plastic containers

Waste management consultancy

Every community deserves a good waste management system designed to meet its unique needs. At EFLA, we provide comprehensive technical consultancy services to municipalities and industries for waste management systems, including system analysis and design at all project stages. Our expertise extends to designing new infrastructure and renewing existing systems, including reception stations, transfer stations, recycling facilities, incineration plants, various types of landfills if appropriate, and sustainable alternatives. Many smaller communities, especially in rural Iceland, lack waste management resources. We assess the system as a whole, and involve the community in drawing up practical and cost-effective plans to enhance sorting, collection, transport and treatment.

Quality and sustainability

In today’s society, there’s a constant flow of waste materials and recyclables from our homes, businesses and institutions. Awareness is growing of the need for waste reduction and recycling, and legislation is being tightened accordingly. At EFLA, we’re ahead of the curve: our focus has long been on sustainability and circular economy principles. We have a strong track record in developing and designing efficient and sustainable waste management systems and practices. We offer municipalities and companies a detailed analysis of the economical, technical and environmental feasibility of the various methods of waste treatment and recycling. Together, we’ll find the most efficient solution for your needs.

Efficient waste management

At EFLA, we’re determined to help our clients develop waste management solutions that are efficient from cost, operational and environmental perspectives. They’ll result in enhanced treatment capacity, reduced environmental impact, and improved overall efficiency. Plus, they’ll enable municipalities and companies to meet the terms of legislation and their operational permits. That means greener businesses, happier and healthier communities, and preservation of our planet’s natural resources for generations to come.

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