Circular Economy

Our earth's resources are precious. EFLA can help your organisation devise and implement a circular economy strategy to address resource depletion and climate change by minimising usage, waste, emissions and pollution.

Illustration of recycle process with grass background

Rethinking waste

There's a growing recognition that waste is not something to be thrown away, but is a by-product that may be converted into new products. At EFLA, we provide customised support to municipalities and companies across various sectors seeking to embed this circularity principle into their business. Our adaptable methodology involves a comprehensive evaluation of each organisation to identify opportunities for circularity. We carry out detailed analyses of different models of handling waste and recycling. Plus, we offer workshops on establishing actions and benchmarks to achieve circularity. Our work helps clients comply with regulatory requirements on circularity, cut costs, improve efficiency, and reach their green business goals.

Quality and sustainability

At EFLA, we strive to be sustainable in everything we do, and to implement circular principles across all our own practices. We're committed to helping other organisations do the same. Our comprehensive consultancy services enable municipalities and businesses to optimise their resource usage, promoting the longevity of products and materials. EFLA is certified in environmental management systems (ISO 14001), which now include a focus on the circular economy. Our experts will work closely with you to implement an EMS in your own organisation. We're also certified in quality management (ISO 9001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001), ensuring our work is consistently high calibre.

Sustainable businesses and muncipalities

A robust environmental management system, based on circularity principles, is essential for forward-thinking organisations today. By prioritising sustainability and the circular economy, your organisation will reduce your environmental impact, make cost savings, meet legal requirements, and enhance your reputation. Transparency and accountability in matters of sustainability is also crucial for business growth, enabling you to forge new partnerships, win new contracts, and access new markets. EFLA makes it simpler to go green.

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