Headline list

Mjølan footbridge, Mo i Rana, Norway

EFLA was employed by Nordland municipality as a design consultant for a new footbridge over the busy Fv810 access road into the town of Mo i Rana in Norway. The project included the design of the footbridge and associated lighting and drainage, and formed a part of a larger infrastructure project by the owner that also included road widening, a new roundabout and bus stops. The new Mjølan footbridge opened in 2019.

Reykjanesbraut tvöföldun - EFLA

Reykjanesbraut Dual Carriageway, Iceland

Motorway, highway, construction

2020 saw the completion of the expansion of the Reykjanesbraut motorway in Hafnarfjörður. This new dual carriageway, 3,2 km long, is a part of the main route between Reykjavík and Keflavík International airport. EFLA, together with sub-consultants, was responsible for the tender design and other consultancies for the project, which involved widening the road from two to four lanes with associated drainage and lighting systems, foot- and cycle paths, extensive noise mitigation, two new footbridges, two new underpasses, widening of a road bridge at the Strandgata junction, and a new junction at Krýsuvíkurvegur.

Aluminium tower

Research and development project of 420kV Aluminium Tower

EFLA and Statnett participated in a pioneering research & development project aimed at developing a new tower made entirely of aluminium for the 420kV transmission network in Norway. 


Pioneering innovation | Bridge strengthening

EFLA has provided consultancy to Agder County Municipality for strengthening of two old steel girder bridges in Agder in Norway. The bridges had formed a bottleneck for road transport in the area. The strengthening design is based on a method which has never been used in Norway before, and it has proven to be beneficial in terms of cost, workability and environmental impact.

EFLA sá um verkfræðihönnun Breiðholtsbrúar

Breidholtsbraut footbridge

Pedestrian, Bridge, Footbridge

A new pedestrian and cycle bridge connecting two neighbourhoods in the suburb of Breidholt, Reykjavik, Iceland, was opened in the autumn of 2018. EFLA's role was the detail design of the bridge along with the design of foot- and cycle paths.

Brú yfir Eldvatn - EFLA

Eldvatn network arch bridge

A new bridge across Eldvatn, designed by EFLA in collaboration with the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration, is the first network steel arch-bridge to be built in Iceland. The bridge is 80 meters long, carrying the 8 m wide road over the Skaftá glacial river.

Straw - winner design master

Aesthetic High Voltage Towers

A growing awareness of the environment and the importance of conserving nature has led to a greater focus on adapting new high-voltage towers to landscapes and surroundings. EFLA has therefore worked closely with industrial designers for many years to meet this challenge in a cost-effective manner with a combination of practical design and innovative solutions.


Emergency Restoration Planning | Canada

Emergency Restoration Planning for an 1100 km HVDC line

The objective of the project was to develop an emergency restoration plan for the 1100 km HVDC line considering the impacts on personnel, equipment and spares, potential failure mechanisms, response times, safety and operational risks. The project culminated in several documents being created detailing practical solutions on the way forward to help the utility prepare and effectively respond to an outage or failure of the line.  

Nattland school

Nattland - school and kindergarten, Norway

Nattland school in Bergen, Norway, is for children in kindergarten age up to 16 years of age. The total size of the new school is 11.500 m2

EFLA participated in the project in various aspects of the building's design. 

Mastur - Rogaland - Power in Balance

Power in Balance | Towers

Power in Balance, Kjerag, Rogaland

At the famous tourist destination Kjerag in Rogaland, there is a unique design towers that consists of 3 poles. Statnett is the principal, EFLA was responsible for engineering and Widenoja Design, Eva Widenoja created the design concept.

Bláa Lónið

Blue Lagoon

Bláa Lónið, Lagoon, Swimming, Spa, Hotel, Clinic

The Blue Lagoon is a unique geothermal seawater spa that is situated in a lava field south of Reykjavík and is one of the best-known places in Iceland.

EFLA Consulting Engineers has worked on numerous engineering design and consultancy at the Blue Lagoon over the years.

Scottish Parliament

Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber, Lighting design

The Debating Chamber in the Scottish Parliament effectively functions as a TV studio during parliamentary business. At other times it is presented to visitors as a fine architectural space. The project brief was to review the existing lighting, which was expensive and difficult to maintain. The installed fittings were also obsolete and new HDTV cameras required improved lighting to maintain broadcasting standards. 

Icebox - A social mission

Icing on power lines can cause major problems for the transmission network during power line failures. The project's goal is to predict, reduce and effectively remove ice loads on the power lines in Norway.

EFLA was one of 10 partners in the research project, ICEBOX, and will lead two work packages. 

raforka, kerfisáætlun

Overhead transmission line, 420 kv Balsfjord-Skaidi

OHTS, Transmission line, NOrway project, Troms county

Statnett is building a 300 km 420 kV overhead transmission line (OHTS) from Balsfjord to Skaidi in Troms county. EFLA worked with Statnett from the preparation stage, by assisting with the choice of the line route and making geotechnical estimates for foundation design. Designing the towers and foundations, to assisting with project and site management.

Powerline, 420 kV, Mongstad – Kollsnes, Norway

EFLA was responsible for the mechanical and electromechanical design of new 420 kV powerline. The project involved preparation of tender documents, assistance in purchasing and technical support during the construction phase. The project was in the west of Norway close to the town of Bergen.

Scott Monument

Scott Monument, Lighting design, Scotland

The intricate Scott Monument in the centre of Edinburgh is over 170 years old, has 287 steps, and is a stunning feature of the Edinburgh skyline. KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design was chosen to provide this beautiful Gothic structure with the lighting that both it and the City of Edinburgh deserves.
Kipco tower

KIPCO Tower, Lighting design, Kuwait

KIPCO Tower (formerly known as United Tower) is one of a cluster of tall buildings in Kuwait City. The client wanted the facade lighting to provide the tower with a clear, dynamic night-time identity and make it stand out from its neighbours.

Kelvin Hall

Kelvin Hall, Lighting design

Kelvin Hall, one of Glasgow's most recognisable structures, was given an extensive refurbishment and development by Page\Park Architects, Harley Haddow and Graven Images. KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design was brought in to design the lighting for the ‘avenue', a long corridor stretching nearly the length of the building, the reception, the cafe, and exterior identity lighting.

Lighting design - Boroughmuir High School, Edinburgh

KSLD | EFLA Lighting Design was appointed by the City of Edinburgh Council to prepare a lighting design strategy for the Boroughmuir High School at Edinburgh Quay, located at the heart of the Fountainbridge regeneration plan. Our concept comprises the internal and external lighting to the atrium, entrance hall, lower atrium, entrance and facade lighting.


Lighting design - 191 West George Street, Glasgow

This project is the redevelopment of an existing office building at 191 West George Street to create a new entrance sequence, replacing a dated atrium that has been recovered to provide additional lettable floor space.


Lighting design - 180 West George Street, Glasgow

180 West George Street is located in the heart of Glasgow. It provides high quality spaces for offices and headquarters. Visitors and passers by are greeted with the impressive triple height reception lobby, with lighting designed byKSLD | EFLA Lighting Design.

Flag Landsnet mapping

Landsnet power line mapping

Landsnet commissioned EFLA to map a prospective and survey an existing power line. The aerial data collected with the drone helped Landsnet to access reliable and accurate data for the planning, design and construction of the power line. Lidar data has been used for line digitization and ground clearance issues.

Vestre Korridor 420 kv

West Corridor Project, 420 kv

Statnett is working to reinforce and expand the main grid in the South West of Norway. EFLA is responsible for the design of the all foundations, towers and hardware.


Transmission line, 130 kV, Stamåsen

E.ON Elnät Sverige built two 130 kV lines to connect a wind farm in Stamåsen to the local grid. The lines consist of wood poles except where they cross the river Faxälven.

EFLA was responsible for tower spotting, all necessary field work, preparation of all drawings, lists and material specification.

Ferðamannastaðir á Íslandi

Sanitation facilities at tourist destinations

The Tourism Task Force, Toilets, WC

Three reports were done regarding the access to and improvement of sanitation facilities at popular tourist destinations. A status analysis was conducted throughout the country and cost estimated for future development, maintenance and operations. Proposals for future actions were likewise made.

Brattmyrliden - Moliden 150 kv

Transmission line, 150 kV, Brattmyrliden - Moliden

Vattenfall Eldistribution AB, is building a 43 km 150 kV OHTL from Brattmyrliden to Moliden. The line consist mainly of wood poles with few composite poles where poles are located in swamp/farmland. The line will be built parallel to an existing 400 kV line.

Flóðareikningar í Sorfold

Flood estimations - Norway

Sørfold, Waterway, Cross sectional, Erosion assessment

EFLA did a flood and waterline report with calculations in 16 waterways in North-Norway. The report included cross-sectional measurements and erosion assessment.


Wastewater treatment plant

The project involved the design of a wastewater treatment plant for the town of Akureyri as well as an environmental impact assessment of the project and various advice on licensing and assessment of the recipient of the wastewater.

PCC Bakki

Silicon metal plant - PCC Bakki

In 2015 PCC started construction for a silicon metal plant in Bakki located in the municipality of Norðurþing in the northern part of Iceland. The operation commenced in 2018. SMS Group and M+W Germany are responsible for the construction.

EFLA designed the buildings in Bakki, supplied a design and building manager and is part of the site management team.


Raufarhólshellir – development of the lava tunnel

The project included design and assistance with development of the Raufarhólshellir cave and surrounding area for tourism. The parking lot was expanded, a service building was built together with all necessary facilities, and trails, pelts and lighting designed inside the cave. 


Landsnet's transmission system operator's System Plan

Each year, Iceland's transmission system operator's Landsnet publishes Kerfisáætlun (System Plan). The plan includes studies of the transmission system, and a project plan for the next years, plus some future scenarios of the evolution of the transmission system.

EFLA has been a major consultant in this project each year, and has made many of the system studies that the System Plan is based on. 
Langjökull, into the glacier

Langjökull Ice Cave

Ice cave tunnel, Into the glacier, Glacier, Darc Awards

The aim of the project was to develop the concept of a tunnel for tourists into the Icelandic glacier Langjökull, undertake all preparation and design, and manage the projects. Due to the nature of the project, great emphasis was placed on environmental and security issues. 

The product of the project is an impressive tourist attraction, which has become very popular and received various awards, e.g. EFLA received the prestigious Darc Awards award for the tunnel's lighting design.


Bus lane by Rauðagerði, Reykjavík

EFLA designed a priority bus lane on Miklabraut highway, as well as walking and cycling path, with vegetated noise barrier between the road and the path. 

Nursery home - Egilsstaðir

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of Dyngja, a 40-resident nursery home in Egilsstaðir. 

Landsbankinn lysedesign

High class LED with traditional functions - Landsbankinn

Creativity played an important role when Landsbankinn's branch in Reykjanesbær needed new lighting. EFLAS's work during the period of August 2012 to April 2013, resulted in a mixed solution of the latest LED fittings combined with traditional recessed solutions. 

Lysebruen Kópavogur 5

The light bridge in Kópavogur

The bridge in Fífuhvammsvegur connects Iceland's largest shopping mall, Smáralind, with the commercial and office tower at Smáratorg plaza. The area is densely populated and this zone is one of Iceland's busiest.

The lighting design's main objective was to enrich the bridge and its surroundings with appealing warmth and decoration lighting. Therefore, the design is programmable and colour and intensity can be adapted for different intention. 


Design of road sections in Bjugn, Norway

On road Fv710 in Bjugn municipality north of Trondheim, EFLA designed three road sections. The work involved the design of new walking and cycling routes along existing roads as well as upgrading current roads. Along with the road design, drainage systems, street lights, road signs and markings were redesigned and tender documents made. 

Fitjalína jarðstrengslagnir

Fitjalína 2 – 132 kV underground cable

The project consisted of the preparation and design of a 132-kV underground cable between Fitjar and Helguvík in the Reykjanes peninsula to connect a new substation providing power to a silicon production plant (United Silicon). 


Substation Klafastaðir

The substation is a Static Var Compensator (SVC) installation, meant to regulate voltage fluctuation and increase the power quality of the 220 kV transmission system at the site. This is done with reactors and capacitors controlled with power electronics (thyristors) operating in the range of -100/150 MVAr. The SVC installation is the first part of a 400/220 kV substation scheduled to be built in the future. 


Ellingsen headquarters

Ellingsen is an Icelandic retail company that specializes in traveling, outdoor activities and hunting products. The company was founded in 1916 in Reykjavík and has been a cornerstone in Icelandic retail history ever since. In 2006, Ellingsen built new headquarters at Fiskislóð 1 in Reykjavík. 

EFLA designed various systems for the building, including the sanitary-, heating-, drainage-, cooling-, ventilation-, snow melting-, and pressurized air systems. 

Hljóðhönnun á Höfðatorgi

Höfðatorg multi-storey office building

EFLA Consulting Engineers oversaw the acoustical design of Höfðatorg. Fire safety and fire system design straties for the car park and risk analysis and fire design.

Eskja fiskverksmiðja

Eskja pelagic freezing plant

Eskja hf. launched a new high-tech pelagic freezing plant at Eskifjörður in Iceland. The plant is 7000 m2 in size and all production processes are automated. Graphic analysis of the catch with touchless freezers ensures maximum product quality.

EFLA was responsible for the building design of Eskja new freezing plant, including the main/structural diagrams for the pelagic freezing plant. 

Sigurrós Stúdíó

Sigur Rós's rehearsal space

EFLA participated in the design of a new studio for the band Sigur Rós, where specialists from EFLA's acoustics department implemented a universal design of the room acoustics.

SVN fish processing plant

Síldarvinnslan hf. (SVN) is a fish processing plant located in the East of Iceland, that mostly produces fish for human consumption.

EFLA has for many years provided SVN with a total service in the field of electrical design for power distribution and industrial control, such as power distribution design for medium and low voltage systems and control and SCADA systems for automation. 

Vistferilsgreining fyrir flutningskerfi raforku

Availability in the national electricity system

Every three years, Landsnet, Iceland's national electricity transmission system operator, publishes a report on the availability in each delivery point in the system.

Children's psychiatric centre

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of a facility for children and teenagers with psychiatric problems. 

The building's upper floors include offices and the reception, whereas the ground floor has wards and a cafeteria. A footbridge connects the building to an existing older building and overlooks a small pond. 

Snæfellsstofa - BREEAM

Skriðuklaustur visitor centre

Located in southeast Iceland's 12,000 km² Vatnajökull National Park, the Skriðuklaustur visitor centre serves both as a display and conference centre. Vatnajökull National Park occupies about 12% of Iceland's total landmass and is Europe's largest national park.

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of a critical range of systems used in the visitor centre's structure. 


Lágafell sports centre

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of Lágafell Sports Center at Mosfellsbær. The sports center consists of a sports hall (33m x 18m), an indoor swimming pool (17m x 10m), an outdoor swimming pool (25m x 12.5m), hot tubs, water slides, locker rooms and shower facilities, a gym and reception area.

The total floor area is around 4.000 m2.

Bolungarvík road tunnel, Iceland

Linking the towns of Bolungarvík and Ísafjörður in Iceland's West Fjords, the road around the Óshlíð mountain side opened in 1950. Although primitive by today's standards, the road was considered a major project at the time. From the beginning, the road was exposed to avalanches and rock falls. Despite several improvements and mitigations through the decades, in 2008 a decision was made to construct a tunnel to bypass this dangerous road.

winner design master

Tower design competition, Norway

Straw, Stra

Statnett in Norway hosted a design competition for a new 420 kV transmission line tower type that would blend well into a densely populated urban district in Olso. 

EFLA submitted three proposals for new high-voltage power pylons and won the top two places, the STRAW and the SENTINEL.


Apartments and parking garage, Mánatún, Iceland

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of Mánatún 3-17, apartment buildings and parking garage in Reykjavík.


Structural design, college

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of services relating to the design of a 1.950 m2 annex to Breiðholt College in Iceland, including 12 class rooms as well as the school's canteen. 

The building is on three levels. A connecting walkway on three levels connects the building extension to the existing school building.
Spenningsoppgradering fra 300 til 420 kv

Voltage upgrade for Statnett, Norway

Statnett has been performing voltage upgrade on the existing 300 kV overhead transmission lines (OHTL) with duplex line configuration. In addition to the voltage upgrade, the OHTL's thermal capacity was upgraded. 

EFLA has worked with Statnett since 2009 on all phases of these projects, first with the preparation and planning, including development of work methods, processes and program tools. Later, with design, support during construction and as-built documentation.

Jarðgöngin í Tromso

Undersea tunnels in Norway

The project included renewal of electrical equipment, lighting, telecommunications equipment, traffic controls and more in undersea tunnels.

Lýsingartækni í Noregi

Lighting design, transportation, Norway

The project included roads, underpasses, bridges and walkways lighting design, as well as effect lighting in roundabouts and underpasses.


Tunnels in the Faroe Islands

The project included the design, programming and commissioning of traffic control system for large vehicles in single lane tunnels.


Assessment of traffic noise, Norway

EFLA made assessments on traffic noise in various areas of Rogaland state in Norway on behalf of Statens Vegvesen which is the Norwegian Road Administration.

Hávaðamæling í Reykjavík

Strategic noise mapping

Strategic noise mapping was carried out for the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration and various municipalities, with noise calculations for road traffic noise on the grounds of regulations.

Industrial noise was also assessed.

Stífla Kárahnjúkavirkjunar

Design of all concrete structures, Kárahnjúkar Dam

The main objective of this project was to detail design all concrete structures of the Kárahnjúkar Dam and issue associated construction drawings. The dam is by far the largest hydroelectric power in Iceland.

Snæfellsbær vindorka

Wind energy assessments

EFLA created strategies for wind energy utilization to implement in municipal plans already under revision or for municipalities interested in reviewing their policies and strategies in relation to energy utilization.

Ljósleiðari á Eskifirði í Fjarðabyggð

Fibre optic systems, rural area, Iceland

The project was the design of and consulting on fibre optic systems in a rural area of Fjarðabyggð in East Iceland.

Vindlundur við Búrfell

Windfarm - prelimanary design

EFLA did a preliminary design/project design and a feasibility study for a wind farm in several potential areas near Hafið, a lava plain above Búrfell mountain in South Iceland.

In addition, EFLA did studies and research for the project and assisted with the environmental impact assessment. EFLA also provided data and assisted with preparation for the Master Plan for Nature Protection and Energy Utilization.


Þeistareykir, control and telecommunication systems, Iceland

Þeistareykir, Þeistareykjavirkjun, Geothermal, Power plant, Control system

EFLA programmes, tests and commissions Þeistareykir geothermal power plant's control system as well as designing the power houses wireless telecommunication systems.


Transmission lines, 420 kV, Norway

Statnett, Norway's electrical transmission company, is building a 160 km 420 kV OHTL from Ofoten to Balsfjord in Troms county.

The line crosses seven counties and has the objective to improve the security of supply in northern Norway, promote industrial growth and increase value creation. In an addition to be a premise for future production of renewable energy in the area. 

Systems upgrade, Norðurál, Iceland

SCADA systems upgrade and replacement for Norðurál primary aluminium smelter.

Upgrade of old SCADA systems at the Norðurál primary aluminium smelter and replacement of old SCADA software to increase safety and reliability.

Verne global gagnaver

Verne Global data centre

EFLA Consulting Engineers participated in the construction of a data centre expansion for Verne Global, the leading colocation operator in Iceland, where EFLA's scope was a turnkey package for the mechanical control systems.

Mjóifjörður brú

Bridge, Mjóifjörður, Iceland

Opened in September 2009, the Mjóifjörður bridge represented the final phase of improvements to the Djúpvegur route in Iceland's Westfjords, along with another EFLA project, the 25 km road traversing the Arnkötludalur valley.

Umferðargreining með dróna í Borgarnesi

Traffic monitoring with a drone, Iceland

EFLA was asked to perform traffic counting and analysis for the intersection of Vesturlandsvegur and Borgarbaut in Borgarnes. EFLA used a drone to perform this study.


Design of new sustainable community, Iceland

Garðabær, Urriðaholt, Conurbation, BREEAM

EFLA was commissioned to provide a range of key design services in the construction of a new residential neighbourhood at Urriðaholt in Garðabær, one of the towns in the Reykjavík conurbation. 

Set in a picturesque natural setting, the development is combined with 1625 residential units, from small apartments to big villas, as well as buildings used for cultural, commercial and service activities.

Safe ways to schools and pedestrians crossings, Hafnarfjörður

Located at the southern end of the capital area, Hafnarfjörður municipality has a population of 25,000 and is home to eight primary schools. 

EFLA was commissioned to conduct a survey of safe ways to schools in the municipality and pedestrians crossings, and draft proposals for improvements. 


Bridge across the Úlfarsá river

EFLA, in collaboration with Studio Granda architects, have designed a bridge on the newly constructed road Fellsvegur crossing the Úlfarsá river in a suburb of Reykjavík. The bridge is 46 meters long over three spans, made of concrete. The bridge deck is post-tensioned. 


Footbridge at Ullevaal stadium, Norway

EFLA, in collaboration with Brownlie Ernst and Marks Architects, has carried out the tender design of a new foot- and cycling bridge at the Ullevaal Stadium in Oslo.

The project also involves the design of a new layout of footways and roads, drainage and lighting systems, a landscaping scheme, new configuration of electrical and communications cabling in the area, geotechnical design, environmental studies and the auditing of existing nearby buildings. 

Gang og sykelveg Ryng 3 -

Footbridges and foot- and cycleways, Ring 3, Oslo

Tender design of a system of foot- and cycleways, bus lanes, bridges, drainage systems for surface water, cabling and electrics, lighting, landscaping, geotechnics and environmental engineering. 

Segregated foot- and cycle path, Reykjavík

EFLA was commissioned to conduct a preliminary design of an upgrade of a footpath to a segregated foot- and cycle path in Reykjavík municipality.

The path runs over 8 km from the west part of Reykjavík to the east part, following the coast for much of its route. 

Bridge across Ölfusá river - preliminary design

EFLA is currently working on the preliminary design of a new bridge crossing the Ölfusá river, just north of the town of Selfoss in the south of Iceland. The bridge will be a cable stayed bridge, the first of its kind in Iceland. The two main spans of the bridge will be 145 and 155 meters long, the longest bridge spans in Iceland to date. 

Rafmagn í Reykjavík

Development of energy cost and revenue cap 2005-2015

EFLA prepared a report, where information is gathered on the development of total gain of electricity supply to an electrically heated home that uses 30,000 kWh / year and 85% of the energy goes to heating. 

Furthermore information on taxes and subsidies are compiled. The development of cost is shown since the Electricity Act came into force in 2005 and until 2017. 

Jarðboranir Hverahlíð

Feasability study, 90 MWe Geothermal Power Plant, Iceland

EFLA Consulting Engineers was retained by Norðurál Helguvík ehf. and Reykjavík Energy to pre-design a 90 MWe Geothermal Power plant at Hverahlíð in the south of Iceland. Three geothermal wells where drilled and confirmed steam to support 45MWe. 

The deliverable was a feasibility report and a detailed project plan for the development of few power plant configurations showing Capex, investment, Opex and reinvestment for reflecting the electrical price needed for the Geothermal Power Plant. 


Hringbraut footbridges, Reykjavík

Foot path, Cycle path, Bridge, Bridges

EFLA and Studio Granda architects won a competition staged by the City of Reykjavík and the Icelandic Road Administration, for the design of three pedestrian bridges as part of a major overhaul of the city's traffic system. The project also included the design of foot- and cycle paths. 

Keiseras vegur

Highway and bridge design, Trøndelag, Norway

Design of a 16.5 km long strip of a new road (Fv715) from Keiserås to Olsøy in Trøndelag in Norway. The road is part of the toll route network "Fosenvegene". 


Þeistareykir geothermal power plant - construction supervision

EFLA Consulting Engineers handled supervision for the construction of the powerhouse for a 2 x 45 MWe geothermal power plant at Þeistareykir, Iceland, including all interior and exterior finishes. EFLA also supervised the laying of pipes for steam supply systems. 


Nonnekloppen cycle- and footbridge in Bergen

Tender design, Foot and cycle path, Bridge, Bergen

EFLA has carried out the tender design of a new steel bridge for pedestrians and cyclists at Nygaardstangen by Store Lungegårdsvann bay in Bergen, Norway. 

Tender design of foot- and cycle paths, drainage system and lighting was also a part of the project, as well as the geotechnical design of an underwater landfill.

Brú yfir Markarfljót

Markarfljót footbridge into the Þórsmörk nature reserve

EFLA, in collaboration with Studio Granda architects, have carried out the design of a footbridge across the Markarfljót river into the Þórsmörk nature reserve in the south of Iceland. The surroundings at the bridge site are mostly untouched by man. 

It has therefore presented a challenge to the project team to provide a design that integrates the bridge with the environment. Strong winds in the area were another key criterion in the design process. 

Undirgöng í Hafnarfirði

Underpass under the Reykjanesbraut Highway

As a part of a larger project to widen and alter the Reykjanesbraut Highway through Hafnarfjörður town, EFLA, in collaboration with Studio Granda architects, carried out the design of an underpass under the highway. 

The underpass is located at Suðurholt in Hafnarfjörður and improves the pedestrian links between the town's neighbourhoods on both sides of the highway. 

hilton hotel

Building management system, Nordica hotel

EFLA was responsible for the design of all electrical systems, lighting design and the design and commisioning of the building management system when the hotel was extended and a new conference centre added.

Norðurál Grundartangi

Crane installation, Nordic aluminium smelter, Iceland

EFLA was commissioned by the partner to provide a complete range of electrical engineering drawings and programming for PLC, HMI and SCADA systems for new tapping cranes being installed at the client's smelter plant in southwest Iceland.

Búðarháls hydropower plant, 94 MWe

The project constituted project planning, tender and detail design of the Búðarháls HPP Civil Works in addition to diverse consultancy related to the project over its existence. 

Elkem Grundartangi

Sound measurements and noise mapping - Elkem

At the request of Elkem Iceland, EFLA Consulting Engineers prepared a noise map and estimated the sound propagation within the company's lot. 

Design of drainage system

Design of surface water drainage systems, Norway

EFLA designed a surface water drainage system of the Solasplitten highway in Norway, so that all surface water falling on the road is channelled into sediment ponds before being released into the municipal water system. 

Geothermal in Iceland

Sound propagation from geothermal drilling

Noise map and sound propagation from drilling sites.

The objective was to prepare a noise map and estimate the sound propagation from drilling sites. 

SENSE - Harmonised enviromental sustainability in the European food and drink chain

A system for environmental impact assessment of food and drink products.

The project's goal was to design a harmonized system for environmental impact assessment of food and drink products, providing reliable information for consumers and stakeholders.


Hafnarfjörður harbour - noise mapping and measurements

EFLA measured and mapped the noise from Hafnarfjörður's harbour activity, because of a new nearby residential area. 

LCA electricty

LCA of electricity transmission in Iceland

A life cycle assessment (LCA) was carried out on electricity transmission via overhead lines (OHL) and underground cables (UGC) in the Icelandic transmission system. 

The project aim was to assess the total environmental impacts of the country‘s electricity transmission system from a life cycle perspective.


LCA of electricity from wind turbines, Iceland

EFLA performed a life cycle assessment of electricity generation in two research wind turbines (2 x 900 kW), situated at Hafið by Búrfell in Iceland. 

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is used to assess the environmental impact of a product, process or service from cradle to grave. The standardized method can be used to compare environmental impacts of similar products and services.

Rafmagn Hafnarfjordur

Electricity forecasts

The Energy Forecast Committee is a cooperation of several major companies, institutions and organizations in Iceland's energy industry, as well as Statistics Iceland and the National Registry. 

The electricity group of the forecast committee works on electricity forecasts that are issued every five years and recalculated annually based on new data on energy use and societal development.

Lífrænar hreinsistöðvar í Borgarfirði

Biological sewage treatment plants

Sewage systems

Veitur operates a number of sewage systems in the Borgarfjörður region of southwest Iceland serving, among other places, the communities of Bifröst, Hvanneyri, Reykholt and Varmaland.

LCA hydro

LCA of electricity from hydropower in Iceland

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) was performed for hydroelectric generation from three different hydropower plants in Iceland operated by Landsvirkjun. 

The assessment was carried out in compliance with international standards ISO 14040 and ISO 14044, identifying different phases or components of the life cycle carrying the heaviest environmental burdens.