​Geographical information systems (GIS) and geodesy

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Harnessing the latest in geographical information systems (GIS) technology, EFLA provides expert consultancy in all aspects of GIS and geodesy, providing grids, maps and coordinates both for clients and other divisions of the company.


To achieve this, the team employs a range of state-of-the-art tools, such as AutoDesk MapGuide and ArcMap, both of which are used to process, analyse, visualize and portray geographic information. Additionally, EFLA uses Granni, an in-house designed software program that is used both within the company and has also been programmed so municipalities can share geographic and other data with the community.

EFLA is currently expanding into more data-gathering programs using a versatile selection of drones and remote sensors. These tools are used for inhouse projects and give EFLA an edge in providing customers with the accuracy and data quality they expect and need.

For GPS surveying, EFLA is equipped with eight L1/L2 GPS receivers from Trimble and Trimble Business Control software for post-processing GPS data, adjusting fixed-point networks and other calculations.

GIS environment

The GIS environment is constantly evolving and EFLA keeps up to date with the latest developments in all aspects including gathering, building, visualizing and analysing spatial datasets and provides the highest quality products in all projects.

Among services provided are

Data acquisition and remote sensing

  • Using drones, EFLA can gather traffic information, aerial imagery and elevation data-sets, as well as do vegetation detection and inspections.

Building data-sets

  • EFLA builds accurate data-sets that are well designed to reflect the needs of the client. This solution can be both interactive or not. It is also important that data-sets be comprehensive and as detailed as possible yet structured in such a way that it can be easily gathered and later interpreted and analysed.     

Data analysis

  • EFLA does statistical analysis of location based data-sets to examine data distribution and pattern recognition. Also, suitability analysis for planning projects and watershed analysis.


  • EFLA produces high quality mapping products for its customers. These can be interactive products to be viewed online along with standard map products. EFLA has also been expanding its scope into 3D visualization of projects for analytical purposes and aesthetic content and the implementation of virtual reality in its projects.