Smart City Solutions

Today's cities are being transformed by the power of digital. EFLA works on smart solutions to drive efficiency and sustainability in areas including mobility, energy, water, waste, housing and community.

Cityscape, people walking between trees on a street, rent a bike system on the right side.

Planning for smart cities

At EFLA, we're excited by the possibilities that smart cities open up. But designing the data-driven and connected cities of tomorrow takes careful planning today. We're keen to introduce smart city tools and technology to our municipal and developer clients. At the urban planning stage, it's crucial to think broadly to gain an understanding of the infrastructure and policies needed to help produce a successful smart city. We use diverse cutting-edge tools and technologies, such as digital twins. These allow for the visualisation of plans and buildings, and highlight the potential impacts of future policy development, eg providing car-sharing schemes.

Interdisciplinary smart city expertise

Smart city technology is an innovative and rapidly developing field that draws on many disciplines. At EFLA, we believe that smart tech will revolutionise the buildings people live in, the work we do, the way we travel around, and the resources we use. We're proud to be at the forefront of smart city solutions in urban planning. Our interdisciplinary team consists of planners, engineers and digital experts, all with extensive experience. We keep up to date with innovations in this field, offering clients the very latest thinking while adhering to best practice. We'll work closely with you to find smart city solutions that benefit us all.

Liveable smart cities

By harnessing the power of data to streamline our energy usage, smart tech is making our urban areas more liveable. Everyone will benefit from cleaner air, less noise, and greater accessibility. By reducing the CO₂ emissions that contribute to climate change, smart tech can protect our wider environment too. It's vital for a more efficient, cleaner, greener future – and the time to start planning for it is now.

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