Site Selection

When deciding where to site a new structure, there are many technical, environmental, economic and social factors to consider. EFLA offers site selection analyses to ensure your project is viable.

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Site selection expertise and software

Site selection is often a complex process that requires skill and experience in several areas. It takes expertise in ecological and hydrological assessment to minimise environmental impact. It needs an in-depth understanding of construction standards and planning regulations. And it requires the ability to assess and balance the often conflicting needs of clients and various stakeholders. All these influencing factors must be identified, considered, and weighed up. At EFLA, we use multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) based on geographic information systems (GIS) software tools to evaluate different factors and options, and support us in finding the most viable solution.

Our multidisciplinary expertise

At EFLA, we're proud of our multidisciplinary approach. Our specialists in GIS and site selection can draw on a diverse group of colleagues with expertise in planning, the environment, energy, transportation and more. This enables us to assess and give appropriate weight to all the individual factors that might affect site selection. Throughout the process, we work closely with clients and stakeholders to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard and needs are met. Through rigorous project management, we stick to agreed budgets and timelines throughout. Site selection can be a high profile and controversial process – but EFLA will help you keep your project running smoothly.

Rational land use

By harnessing the power of GIS-MCDA software, EFLA helps clients make rational use of land in harmony with the environment and society. Using GIS-MCDA enables developers to consider all the main influencing factors related to construction in a targeted and cost-effective manner, from the initial stages through to completion. It means your construction project gets off to the very best start, and in the very best place.

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