Tourism Plans and Carrying Capacity

Iceland's unique natural beauty is attracting increasing numbers of visitors. EFLA nurtures the sustainable development of this industry through tourism plans and evaluations of the carrying capacities of areas and infrastructure.

People standing around a volcano eruption

Our tourism planning approach

Sustainable tourism planning requires a multi-faceted approach. Safety is a key concern in all EFLA's work. We strive to ensure that construction risks to workers' health and safety are mitigated, and the effects of the work on the area as a whole are minimised. Our services include:

  • Infrastructure analysis
  • Coordinated information about the area (natural features, monuments, settlement patterns etc)
  • Strategic planning regarding the project’s future structure and holistic vision
  • Consistent area structure and style (buildings, paths, signs etc)
  • Analysis of area and infrastructure growth limits
  • Guidelines for practical implementation
  • Income possibilities and cost-benefit analysis

Cost-effective, reliable solutions

At EFLA, we have five decades of experience in the design, organisation and implementation of diverse projects in Iceland and the wider world. In everything we do, quality, efficiency, and close collaboration with clients are key to finding the best solutions. Our strength and uniqueness lie in the versatility and diverse experience of our staff, who have expertise in fields including the environment, transport, construction, industry, energy, economic analysis and project management. We work on both small and large projects, using our experience and knowledge to deliver solid, cost-effective and reliable solutions. Let EFLA be your partner in sustainable tourism development!

Sustainable future tourism

Tourism is a fast growing industry in Iceland – yet the large number of visitors poses a number of urgent challenges as well as opportunities. There is a need for sustainable development of certain destinations and renovation of others to allow for a better dispersal of tourists. With our comprehensive approach and targeted management, EFLA can help your company develop tourism infrastructure for a sustainable future.

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