BREEAM Communities: sustainable certifications for plans

Across the globe, planners, developers and local authorities are using the BREEAM Communities framework to guide them towards sustainable developments. EFLA’s advisors and assessors can enable your masterplans to achieve BREEAM certification.

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BREEAM Communities planning

It’s crucial that communities are developed with people and the environment at their heart. At EFLA, we know that BREEAM Communities is the best framework to guide developers in doing just that. It’s an internationally recognised standard for assessing the sustainability of plans for both new developments and regeneration projects. It offers a pathway to net zero for the whole built environment lifecycle, factoring in environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations such as health, social impact, circularity and resilience. EFLA’s planning team has vast experience of the BREEAM Communities scheme, offering certified assessors and environmental experts dedicated to working on sustainable solutions.

Multi-disciplinary BREEAM expertise

At EFLA, we help clients draw up the blueprints for a more sustainable future by providing multi-disciplinary consultancy and assessment services for BREEAM Communities projects. We know that to maximise the potential benefits of a BREEAM Community, it’s vital to involve people at every step of the way. We work closely with clients and all stakeholders to ensure their requirements are factored in. Thanks to our extensive know-how, we can help planning teams address sustainability concerns and find cost-effective, balanced solutions. This approach results in an outstanding planning document, and ensures the eventual construction project runs smoothly and efficiently.

Eco-friendly solutions

In recent years, the number of BREEAM Communities projects in Iceland has risen due to the growing emphasis on environmentally friendly solutions. EFLA has provided consultation and assessment services for many such projects, ensuring they meet the requirements for BREEAM Communities certification. Our aim is to see our built environment meeting the very highest sustainability standards throughout its lifecycle, offering people great places to live, work and visit.

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