Strategic Plans and Policies

Communities and the environment must be placed at the heart of sustainable planning and policy making. EFLA plans large and small areas for future use, minimising the environmental footprint of future developments.

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Strategic planning process

Whether it's planning protected, agricultural or undeveloped land, or sustainable densification of existing built-up areas, EFLA can help. We have extensive experience in working on strategic plans for residential, industrial and mixed-use developments of all sizes. We take an open consultation approach, involving residents, institutions and stakeholders. We strive to manage land and other natural resources wisely, applying environmental certificates where appropriate. This involves site-specific work on every project, drawing on the knowledge of local communities as well as EFLA experts in our offices across Iceland. Our strategic plans incorporate a thorough analysis of the environment, including strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Multi-disciplinary planning expertise

At EFLA, our experts have comprehensive knowledge of all levels of planning and are experienced in working with municipalities, clients, and other stakeholders. Our strength lies in the effective collaboration of our teams of experts throughout the planning process. They provide swift access to a wide range of expertise in fields including: water management; geotechnical, structural and electrical issues; wind analysis; power supply; transport; sustainability; recycling; and more. This multi-disciplinary expertise, combined with our solution-oriented approach, commitment to sustainability, and excellent project management, gives us a solid foundation for outstanding results. Together, we can help you draw up sustainable strategic policies and plans.

Sustainability roadmaps

EFLA draws up plans and guidelines of rules and frameworks for future decision-making within the community. Such documents are dynamic, and may be updated periodically to adapt to changed circumstances, priorities, and needs. They provide a roadmap for achieving long-term goals in sustainable land use and high quality developments. We strive to deliver work that meets the specification of contractors and authorities, that fulfils environmental requirements, and of which we can be proud.

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