Environmental legal compliance

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One cornerstone of ISO 14001 environmental management system is compliance to environmental laws and other requirements. Environmental compliance audits help organizations to achieve relevant requirements as well as to improve their pollution prevention performance.

EFLA's environmental specialists can conduct environmental compliance audits for organizations to point out its environmental performance. 


The audit is divided into two phases; a desk top audit and a visit to the site. The outcome of the environmental compliance audit can be used as an input to the company's continuous improvement process, because companies that recognize and comply with environmental legal requirements cause less risk to the environment

EFLA conducts environmental due diligence audits for organizations. Environmental due diligence audit from a third party such as EFLA helps organizations show their compliance status, e.g. in a sales process.

Furthermore, EFLA's specialists can compile a list of environmental legal requirements that an organization needs to follow and describe how the requirements will affect the organization.

Environmental compliance audits

Thorough environmental compliance audits of a third party, such as EFLA, helps organizations comply with environmental legal requirements, improve environmental performance and decrease environmental risk.

Among services provided are 

  • Lists environmental legal requirements and describes how they affect the company
  • Does an environmental legal compliance audit
  • Does an environmental due diligence audits for organizations