​Environmental monitoring

Water analysis, Municipal sewage, Sewage, Air quality, Mostuire and mould, Gas measurements, Pollution in soil, Chemical analyses, Discharge water, Water pollution, Cooling water, Soil analyses, Gas measurements, Indoor air, Manufacturing companies

EFLA laboratory conducts comprehensive monitoring measurements and analyses on water, e.g. in effluent from food industry, cooling and discharge water from industry and municipal sewage. 

We also perform analyses on air quality, moisture and mould in buildings, gas measurements from landfills and pollution and nutrients in soil.


EFLA has operated an environmental laboratory for many years and its employees have gained extensive experience and knowledge of effluent, pollution and chemical analyses.

EFLA has versatile measuring equipment for environmental monitoring at workplaces, anywhere on land or in water. Chemical analyses are carried out at the laboratory using specialized measuring instruments.

Close cooperation with specialized laboratories, both domestically and abroad, enables EFLA to offer its customers comprehensive solutions and ensure quality analyses. EFLA operates according to certified quality system (ISO 9001), environmental management system (ISO 14001) and safety management system (OHSAS 18001).

Accurate and important information

It is important to provide the public, stakeholders and government with accurate information regarding the impact of economic activity on the environment. Expertise in the field of data collection, sampling, handling, and chemical testing helps companies with providing such information.

Among services provided are 

Flow measurement and chemical analyses of discharge water and landfill leachate

  • Municipal sewage
  • Using by-product in wastewater from fish industry
  • Measurements to fulfil requirements in operation permits

Analysing pollution in soil using XRF equipment

  • Risk assessment of water pollution due to structures or activities close to water conservation areas

Analysing cooling water at industrial companies

  • Requirements in operation permits
  • Evaluation of cleaning efficiency and emissions from industrial companies to the sea

Material flow in the food industry

  • Evaluation of pollution and corrosion loads on pipes and the environment
  • Use of by-products instead of discharging

Soil analyses

  • Evaluation of soil quality for cultivation
  • Condition analyses of golf courses
  • Measurement of biogas from landfills

Gas and indoor air quality measurements

  • Determining general indoor air quality in production or manufacturing companies

Remote monitoring of moisture and temperature

  • Maintenance of buildings
  • Humidity and mould in buildings