​Building management systems

Buildings of all types and sizes require an efficient management system that facilitates smooth operation and efficiency in daily use. 

The needs can vary considerably from one facility to another, depending on whether the focus is on environmental control, access or security systems.


EFLA's extensive experience working in this demanding field enables its specialists to provide clients with extensive range of customised services and solutions required to ensure that buildings operate as efficiently and economically as possible, regardless of scale, size or function.

Building operational overview

A building management system is necessary whenever the need arises to monitor and control energy consumption of the building or to ensure efficiency of various building systems.

Among services provided are

  • Building management system planning, design, commissioning and start-up
  • Building environment control
  • HVAC control systems
  • Energy management
  • Energy metering and monitoring
  • Lighting control
  • Security system integration
  • Access control system integration
  • Alarm management via text messages or email
  • Electricity distribution management
  • Fire and smoke detection and control
  • LonWorks, BACnet and other communication protocols
  • Web access
  • Key figures transferred to mobile phones and tablets
  • Operation assistance