Every construction project needs solid foundations. EFLA is a leader in geotechnical design in the Nordics and beyond. Whatever your soil and rock conditions, we'll develop innovative, sustainable solutions that work with your terrain.

Mountain road construction

Robust expertise

As an engineering company based in Iceland, with worldwide operations, EFLA is used to some tough terrains! We're experts in arctic engineering, and in designing mitigation measures for avalanches, landslides, and lava flow. We carry out geotechnical work not just for regular buildings, but also for power plants, transmission lines, dams, hydro and road tunnels, road projects, earthworks and aggregate or bedrock quarries. Each project begins with thorough site investigations, including drilling or supervision of drilling contractors and drawing up detailed reports. Our geotechnical design work factors in rock mechanics, slope stability, bearing capacity and settlement analysis. We'll also supervise construction, ensuring durable, resilient results.

Grounded on experience

Quite simply, EFLA is unique in the breadth of its knowledge and its capacity to develop unconventional solutions in challenging projects. Our team of geotechnical experts innovates at every stage: during preparation, planning, design, monitoring and project management. They're eager to develop and adopt new methods and technologies. This innovation is grounded on decades of experience working in some of the world's most demanding environments. At the same time, our experts pay robust attention to quality and detail, with well-reviewed design documents. And they never lose sight of the need to remain cost-effective. That's why we’re at the forefront of geotechnical engineering.

Resilient construction

No matter how complex your project, EFLA's expertise will ensure it’s built to last. This is a highly specialised field, and an essential one. Geotechnical principles underpin all design decisions in construction projects, providing a firm basis for an economical, safe and resilient structure. With our specialists on your side, devoting the utmost care and professionalism to your project, you can be sure construction will get off to a solid start.

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