Project and Construction management

Complex construction projects involving multiple contractors require expert management to run smoothly. At EFLA, we pride ourselves on ensuring your building work is completed on time and within budget.

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Project management method

Successful building projects begin with careful planning. We will help you draw up a clear strategy and goals for your project. Then we work with you and your stakeholders to carry out risk assessments, identify potential issues, and find solutions in advance of starting construction work. This groundwork minimizes the chance of disruption, and makes all contractors aware of their obligations. Our team excels in: project planning, cost and time management, execution planning, change management, and more. Beyond general project management, we also specialize in: executive management, supervision, planning, tendering, contract management, LCC analysis, feasibility studies, procurement, appraisals, commissioning, and risk management and analysis.

Project management specialty

Our team offers a comprehensive skillset to ensure the seamless progress of your construction project. We focus on excellent communication and collaboration: keeping all parties informed throughout the project, and preventing conflicts, cost increases and delays through intuitive management. We apply the latest project management techniques to both large and small projects to ensure a successful outcome for our clients. We know that costs and time go hand-in-hand, so place a lot of emphasis on keeping a close eye on these factors, along with active risk management. Through targeted change management, we ensure that any unexpected issues cause as little uncertainty as possible.

Project management results

At EFLA, we work with you to develop a well-defined strategy and clear goals at the outset. This is followed by careful planning, communication and control throughout your project's lifespan. With EFLA as your construction management partner, you can expect to achieve your goals on time, with disruption and costs kept to a minimum. We look forward to celebrating the opening of your new building or development with you and your project partners!

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