Ventilation and Plumbing

From new designs to retrofits, EFLA has all your plumbing and ventilation needs covered. Let our expert designers boost sanitation, air quality and comfort in your building – sustainably and efficiently.

plumbing pipes and a man on a crane machine

Our collaborative approach

Whether it's cooling, heating, sanitary drainage, potable water, snow melting, sprinkling, swimming pool, ventilation or air conditioning systems, EFLA are the experts. Our plumbing and ventilation designs comply with relevant regulations and standards, while also optimising energy efficiency, occupant comfort, and indoor air quality. We'll bring our multidisciplinary skills and knowledge to your project, collaborating closely with you to fulfil your requirements. At the outset, we'll place great emphasis on thorough problem identification, employing a systematic approach to processing information. Using building information modelling (BIM), we'll ensure coordination between our teams and clients is seamless and streamlined throughout the project lifecycle.

High-quality designs

At EFLA, we take pride in being at the forefront of developments in technology. We keep up-to-date with the latest equipment, standards and regulations so that we can be confident we're offering our clients the very best options. Our team of experienced designers are adept at meticulously analysing project requirements and tailoring their designs to meet each client’s unique needs. Plus, we place sustainability and cost-effectiveness at the core of our work: we're certified in environmental management (ISO 14001) and quality management (ISO 9001), ensuring we offer our clients a top-notch service throughout a project's lifespan.

Our plumbing and ventilation solutions

No matter how complex your project, EFLA's expertise will ensure it’s built to last. This is a highly specialised field, and an essential one. Geotechnical principles underpin all design decisions in construction projects, providing a firm basis for an economical, safe and resilient structure. With our specialists on your side, devoting the utmost care and professionalism to your project, you can be sure construction will get off to a solid start.

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