The places we live, work and visit have a huge impact on our wellbeing. EFLA’s expert teams can assess indoor environments in residential, commercial and institutional buildings to provide tailored solutions that improve wellbeing.

A collage image of three photos. On the left an overview of a canteen or conference space with wooden panels on the walls, plants spread through the space, round tables and chairs. On the right an image of three chairs with steel structured legs around a round table and an image of an office hallway with glass wall and wooden panel on the left side and office spaces on the right side.

Analysing air quality

Ever worked or lived in a building that makes you feel tired, low, or even sick? It’s probably due to air quality factors such as pollutants, dampness, allergens or mold. At EFLA, we take a multifaceted approach to working out where the problem lies. Our methods include visual inspections, moisture and humidity assessments, building material analysis, air sampling, indoor environmental quality (IEQ) monitoring, and infrared thermography. We also perform various sampling techniques for mold, dust, and air contaminants. Additionally, we evaluate heating, ventilation and air cooling (HVAC) systems. We’re assisted in our detective work by the building’s occupants, who provide valuable insights through surveys and interviews.

Our holistic approach

When it comes to evaluating and resolving indoor air quality issues, a holistic approach is key. At EFLA, we place people at the centre of our work, taking care to listen to and understand their experiences and concerns. Then we apply our technical expertise and experience to the task of assessing and evaluating the various elements of the building. Taken together, all these strands enable us to detect issues and design tailored solutions, remediation and maintenance recommendations. Throughout this process, we’re mindful of the need to find cost-effective, sustainable and long-term solutions to improve indoor air quality in residential, commercial and institutional buildings.

Boosting indoor wellbeing

Energised residents and staff, a more productive workforce, and healthier, happier communities! That’s the end goal that we share with our clients, achieved by addressing air quality factors through remediation, maintenance and cleaning work. This boosts comfort and living and working conditions, creating buildings that are a pleasure to be in. Plus, many measures cut energy costs too. EFLA’s teams are ready to start work to boost wellbeing in your building today.

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