Acoustics and Noise Control

Good acoustics are vital for wellbeing, privacy and productivity. EFLA's team of expert consultants helps clients with the acoustic design of new buildings, renovation of older buildings, and indoor and outdoor measurements.

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Our noise control approach

In busy, densely populated urban areas, peace and clarity of sound are often in short supply. At EFLA, we want to help clients get that balance just right. For indoor projects, our specialists will use top-of-the-range equipment and software to conduct sound measurements, set up acoustic models and calculations scenarios. After construction, we can carry out sound measurements to approve the design. Our acoustic team also works on noise control for new or changed zoning, and on work permit applications for commercial and industrial activities. We can conduct long or short-term sound measurements, deploy acoustic models, and simulate sound levels.

Quality and sustainability

At EFLA, we'll help you achieve the sound quality you want. Our experts are at the forefront of acoustic consulting and research, collaborating with universities on acoustic studies. When working with clients, it's best to consider acoustics at an early stage of a design. That boosts the likelihood of finding cost-effective solutions that fit well with other design factors. As with all EFLA's work, sustainability is key. Our focus is always on finding solutions that take into account the design's environmental impact throughout the project or structure's lifecycle. So by protecting against noise pollution, you protect our planet too.

Your acoustic goals

Peaceful places promote quality sleep, work and relaxation. This has been confirmed by many academic studies, and awareness and public pressure has been growing in recent years. By employing EFLA consultants, you're guaranteed expert advice, insightful modelling, and accurate sound measuring. Together, we'll explore your noise control goals, and craft acoustic designs to help you reach them. It's a recipe for smooth-running projects, productive workplaces, and harmonious communities.

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