​Traffic safety

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The importance of traffic safety has risen in recent years, and today, the accepted view is that everyone is entitled to safety whether travelling by car, foot, bicycle or public transport. 

EFLA places strong emphasis on traffic safety in all transportation projects and offers various road safety services.


Traffic accidents can be fatal or cause serious injuries and they are costly to society. Much has been achieved in improved traffic safety. The reasons are many, but one of them is organized review of traffic safety in all phases of planning and designing of transportation infrastructure.

The projects vary in size and scope, ranging from traffic safety assessment for changes at intersections to traffic safety reviews and audits for municipalities and big country roads. The scope ranges from traffic safety of school children to making audits for highways and road tunnels.

Traffic safety specialists

Ensuring traffic safety of road users, vehicle travellers, cyclists and pedestrians, is becoming more urgent due to urban expansion and increasing traffic density. EFLA's experienced specialists highlight traffic safety in all transportation projects.

EFLA's traffic safety specialists are qualified according to Icelandic and Norwegian regulations, have wide expertise and experience in the field of traffic safety and constantly acquire new knowledge.

Among services provided are

  • Traffic safety audits and suggestions for improvements
  • Traffic safety for pedestrians and cyclists
  • School-children's walking routes
  • Blackspot analysis with improvements recommendations
  • Traffic safety audits
  • Traffic safety inspections
  • Traffic safety assessment
  • Traffic safety policy and strategies