With the rapid growth in air traffic, great airport design is more important than ever. EFLA has a framework agreement with Isavia through AVRO for airside and landside design at aerodromes and airports.

Rendering of an airport, passenger planes on a long runway, one plane in the air, sun setting

Airport design services

If you fly to or across Iceland, you're likely to encounter EFLA-designed facilities such as aprons, taxiways and runways, passenger terminals, baggage handling and parking.

Our framework agreement with Isavia, Iceland’s national airport and air navigation services provider, covers several stages of design. We provide: early stage planning, feasibility studies, traffic forecasts, pavement design and bearing capacity, runway and taxiway geometry, ground lighting, stormwater management, sustainability and environmental issues, geological surveys and geotechnical investigations, security and telecommunication system design, and more. We follow global, European and Icelandic regulations, and use certified and proven methods, tools and guidelines from ICAO, EASA, Isavia and local transportation and environmental authorities.

Quality aviation design

Our design expertise runs both deep and wide. In recent years and decades, our specialists have established themselves among the leading and most trusted experts in many disciplines of planning and design. Our expert teams collaborate closely with clients and stakeholders, ensuring robust designs at every stage. We're certified in quality management systems (9001), environmental management systems (14001) and occupational health and safety systems (ISO 45001), and embed these principles in everything we do. Our environmental impact assessments, acoustic engineering and traffic planning seek to minimise airports’ impact on local communities, while ensuring swift and reliable transportation.

Modern airport design

We want to make airports great places to work and easy to use. Our extensive expertise and experience means we're well equipped to address and resolve a wide range of aviation design issues, both airside and landside. Whatever the project, we'll ensure it runs smoothly and results in usable, safe, well-organised and efficient facilities. With EFLA as your design partner, you’re assured of airport design fit for the 21st century.

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