Bridges are key components in transportation systems, providing safe crossings for people and freight over rivers, fjords and roadways. At EFLA, we strive for safety, cost-effectiveness and sustainability in all our bridge projects.

Footbridge in a city landscape, dark outside but the street lighting very sharp

Specialist bridge engineering

Whether you need a new bridge designed or an existing one strengthened or enhanced, EFLA's specialist bridge team has the answers. We’ll ensure the highest standards of safety, applying our experience from Iceland, Norway and international projects to meet codes and client requirements, challenging the latter where necessary. Our bridge designs are cost-effective to construct and maintain, in line with client expectations. Through close collaboration with architects, we ensure that structures fit in with and enhance their environment, whether natural or man-made. All our designs undergo life cycle assessment, comparing their carbon footprint with alternative models and identifying ways to minimise their environmental impact.

Award-winning bridge design

EFLA's bridge engineers draw on long-standing experience in delivering large-scale projects in the Nordics, in collaboration with an extensive network of specialists. We've recently won awards for the following designs:

  • Hringbraut Footbridges
  • Bridge over Mjóifjörður
  • Footbridge over Markarfljót (competition)
  • Bridge over Fossvogur (competition)

As well as bridge consultancy, we currently lead research initiatives on:

  • Bridge cost assessments
  • Pile foundations for bridges
  • Target setting for the carbon footprint of bridges
  • Bridges in a circular economy
  • Post-tensioning cables
  • Corrosion rates for steel structures in Iceland

Bridges for the future

In all we do, we follow the three pillars of sustainability: economic efficiency, social benefit, and lowered environmental impact. We're continually developing and applying new bridge engineering methods with these principles in mind for the benefit of our clients and wider society. Our professional approach and expertise ensures smooth project delivery, resulting in safe and sustainable bridges that will form reliable links in transportation systems for years to come.

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