Smart Mobility

Smarter, more sustainable modes of transport represent the future for our cities. EFLA helps companies and municipalities on their journeys towards more efficient, less polluting and more accessible transportation systems.

A traffic street in a big city, a crosswalk where a woman walks and a man rides a bicycle. It's dark outside and lights from cars and street lights create a mood

Smart mobility strategies

Smart mobility is set to revolutionise urban areas, making them less congested and polluted. But there are many obstacles to overcome. At EFLA, we're helping cities develop and implement cost-effective strategies and projects that will transform our streets and the way we move around. We collaborate with diverse stakeholders from a range of disciplines to develop goals, often as part of wider Smart City initiatives. Our specialists are experienced in working directly on implementing smart mobility strategies such as: optimising traffic flows, automatic traffic data collection, making public transportation more competitive, developing policies and platforms to foster car-sharing, and paving the way for autonomous vehicles.

Harnessing transportation data

Smart transportation is an innovative field, but one that builds on a solid base of engineering excellence. EFLA is delighted to be playing a part. Our experience and research in the field of smart mobility is valuable in developing new ways to travel around or making the most of the transportation data available today. By combining current best practices with in-house experience and expertise, we at EFLA are able to deliver high-quality services and consultations for the analysis and implementation of smart mobility solutions. We're deeply committed to sustainability, and excited by the social, economic and environmental benefits that smart mobility brings.

Smart mobility road map

At EFLA, we understand the power of data to drive the mobility solutions of the future. We prioritise innovative data collection methods, including real-time data, plus detailed analysis. This guides municipalities and companies in developing a clear vision of a transport system that meets everyone's needs, plus a road map to reach their goals. We're ready for the days of driverless cars – and we'll help you get there too.

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