Traffic noise and acoustics​

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EFLA has used the software SoundPLAN since 1999 to map noise levels. The software allows model construction of noise sources and distribution of sound, to create noise maps and cross-sections with or without mitigation measures.


Noise screens and noise embankments are designed and exported into the CAD software design.

EFLA has worked on numerous exciting projects, including traffic investigations and road projects as well as major urban development tasks. Close collaboration with planners and contractors results in minimum future noise from the environment. Urban road and street planning or rehabilitation often requires acoustic engineers to contribute their specialization and experience, especially for mitigation measures design and insulation of facades.

EFLA has extensive knowledge and experience in traffic noise and is a leading advisor in the field of acoustics and noise control.

Providing solutions to unwanted sound

Sound and noise from outside surroundings have gained increased attention, especially for undesired sound in densely populated areas. 

Unwanted sound gives an additional strain on hearing which can adversely affect people's health and well-being.

Among services provided are

  • Air sound insulation
  • Noise from technical equipment and installations
  • Indoor and outdoor sound level (noise level)
  • Room acoustics and reverberation time
  • Impact sound insulation
  • Noise measurements