Maintenance Management Systems

Regular maintenance is key to maximum productivity and cost-effectiveness. EFLA engineers will design and implement a paperless maintenance management system for you, helping your business run smoothly.

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Easy-to-follow maintenance plans

Avoid unforeseen breakdowns and production downtime with a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). At EFLA, we have helped 30 Icelandic companies keep their equipment running at maximum efficiency. We will work with you on drawing up a comprehensive, easy-to-follow plan that addresses your organization's needs, covering:

  • Accessible overview of assets and equipment
  • Maintenance schedules
  • Standardized work orders closed out using a smart device
  • Implementation of relevant software
  • Quality assurance
  • Integration of CMMS and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
  • Breakdown analyses
  • Database creation
  • Machine lifetime forecasts
  • Work descriptions and work procedures
  • Inventory and spare part tracking

Quality and sustainability

At EFLA, we stand for quality and sustainability. We are certified in quality management systems (ISO 9001), and we will follow those principles when working with you. That means we're committed to working effectively with our clients, supply chain and stakeholders to offer a cost-effective, streamlined service that will reap rewards for you. We are also certified in environmental management systems (ISO 14001). We take a lifecycle approach to all we do, striving to implement designs that will maximize the lifespan and energy efficiency of your equipment. We are an authorized reseller of Fiix CMMS by Rockwell Automation.

Smooth-running businesses

Put simply: you will save money, hassle and paper! A well-structured CMMS has a high ROI. As an added bonus, you will not lose your equipment's maintenance history if personnel leave. You can keep track of usage of spare parts, and their designated locations within the warehouse – even with multiple stock locations. With automated reports at designated intervals, you will always have oversight. Your CMMS will help take the guesswork out of running a complex, 21st-century business.

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