Automation solution provider

EFLA has one of Iceland's largest automation teams, servicing sectors including heavy industry, power plants, food and fish processing, buildings, water and waste water, and many more.

Factory orange robot at work, located in a warehouse

Improving industrial performance

Across the world, EFLA is helping forward-thinking industries enhance their performance, safety, accuracy, traceability, quality, and efficiency by automating the control of mechanical process systems. We are recognized as a systems integrator and partner by many solutions providers, specializing in brands including Siemens, Rockwell automation, Schneider Electric, and Omron. Our automation engineers work on projects in many countries, providing services including; control system design; programming of PLC, SCADA and DCS systems; commissioning and handover; safety analysis; project management and supervision; and training of operations and service personnel. We believe in direct communication, collaborating closely with clients and other stakeholders throughout the project lifetime.

Innovation in automation

In the fast-evolving industrial automation sector, it is vital to keep up with innovations and developments. At EFLA, we are rising to that challenge through continuous professional development for our specialists, and regular updating of our solutions base. We have got a team of over 30 automation engineers, some with decades of experience. Plus, we are nurturing the next generation of experts by recruiting new talents. Sustainability is at the heart of our work: we strive to find solutions that are both cost-effective and environmentally friendly throughout their lifecycle. Together with our clients, we are moving towards a technologically advanced, low-carbon and efficient future.

High-performance automation

EFLA's technical know-how and overview will ensure success for your automation project, regardless of which systems provider or solutions you choose. Whether you need us to design your system from scratch, or "glue together" one synchronous system from multiple providers, we are ready to help. We will design and deliver an automated control system for your company, boosting safety for your staff, quality for your customers, and efficiency for your business.

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