Food and Dairy Industry

The high standards of the food sector present unique engineering challenges. EFLA has decades of experience in providing consultation and solutions to food and dairy businesses in automation, robotics and designs.

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Expert engineering partners

The food sector is a diverse one, encompassing businesses as varied as milk processing, biochemicals, and canning plants. But they all share the same commitment to stringent standards of hygiene and health. At EFLA, we offer electrical, mechanical and process engineering solutions to the diverse challenges this sector faces. Our broad spectrum of specialists can provide clients with flexible, efficient and cost-effective services tailored to their needs. Our work covers, but is not limited to:

  • Project planning and supervision
  • PLC automation systems
  • SCADA automation systems
  • Database logging and traceability
  • Cleaning-in-place (CIP) systems
  • Optimization of existing systems.

Quality and sustainability

At EFLA, our decades of working in the food sector have given us the expertise and experience to tackle any engineering project with success. We have been the leading consultant and technical provider to the dairy industry in Iceland for many years, and we have racked up numerous achievements in that time. We place quality and sustainability at the core of what we do: we are certified in quality management (ISO 9001), environmental management (ISO 14001) and occupational health and safety (ISO 45001). We always take a lifecycle approach, striving to find solutions that will be cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly throughout the lifespan of a project.

High-performing food businesses

Automation is giving us a food industry for the future. It is making food plants safer places to work. It is boosting the efficiency, cost-effectiveness and performance of plant operations for companies. And it is enhancing the quality and traceability of food products for customers. Whether you opt for a complete modernization of your systems or simply an optimization, with EFLA as your partner, you can boost your food company's bottom line.

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