Aquaculture and processing

Whether you need consultants for aquaculture, salmon harvesting, or fish processing, EFLA is ready to partner with you. We offer innovative solutions using the latest technology, especially in land-based salmon farming.

Landscape, mirror-smooth water where the land lies in headlands out onto the lake. Mountain with snow patches in the background, calm weather

Aquaculture consultancy method

EFLA provides a complete consultancy service for land-based fish farming, partnering with clients on pre-feasibility studies, business development, design, project management and start-up. Our services include environmental impact assessments, preliminary concept designs, and capex cost estimates. Our design work covers seawater pumping, water treatment, heat recovery and effluent water systems. We also carry out civil design of fish tanks and buildings, including electrical distribution, back-up power and automation systems. We coordinate the design of all individual systems by BIM.

We also offer consultancy in salmon harvesting and processing, working on the design and building of harvest plants that meet the highest hygiene standards and fish quality.

Aquaculture and processing specialty

At EFLA, our main experience is in land-based salmon farming using hybrid RAS/ flow through systems. We take a safety-first approach in our aquaculture designs, while always seeking cost-effective solutions. Fish farms are highly complex due to the need to coordinate different water systems and piping. We solve this by BIM coordination, ensuring designs that are both secure and of high quality. BIM also lowers the risk of construction costs rising during the project. Our specialisms encompass the whole spectrum of civil work, seawater pumping, water treatment and heat recovery for aquaculture and fish processing.

Aquaculture design results

Our aim is to deliver designs that ensure operational safety and technical reliability in aquaculture, fish harvesting and processing, while taking lifetime cost-effectiveness into account. Through quality designs and BIM coordination, we strive to keep your construction project running seamlessly and your building costs low. That decreases your total capex and the levered cost per kilo of salmon, ensuring the profitability of your aquaculture business.

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