Carbon capture and storage

Carbon capture is a hugely promising technology in the fight against climate change. EFLA offers engineering expertise in designing tanks, pipelines, buildings, process flow and all other design tasks for the safe management of CO₂.

Aerial view of some kind of industrial plant, three buildings that are globes connected by pipes, on gravel, moss around the gravel

Collaborating on carbon capture

Iceland's unique geology has placed it at the centre of global efforts to develop reliable carbon capture technology to help achieve net zero targets. At EFLA, we are proud to be playing our part. Working closely with experts in carbon dioxide treatment, we are applying our engineering know-how and knowledge of Icelandic terrain to some pioneering projects. We carry out environmental impact assessments, risk assessments and lifecycle analyses to improve our designs and ensure safety, sustainability and efficiency. It is a process that requires advanced technology, huge innovation, and a great desire to build a greener world. We believe it can be done!

Quality and sustainability

EFLA brings climate issues to the forefront of all projects, making us natural engineering partners for carbon capture companies. Our commitment to net zero is demonstrated in our work on renewable energy, and in our energy-saving and circular approach. We ensure that safety, sustainability and efficiency are placed front and centre of all our designs, in every area of our work. Transparency and close collaboration with stakeholders are key to what we do. Protecting our planet is going to take multifaceted expertise and fresh thinking. We are ready to join forces with companies who share our belief in innovating for sustainability.

Scaling up carbon capture

Carbon capture projects are up and running in Iceland – but there is still much to learn. At EFLA, we regard our projects in this field as essentially developmental. Experimenting, learning and adapting are all crucial to this process, and our designs are drawn up with room for later changes in mind. Ultimately, we are optimistic that today’s carbon capture projects will be scalable, and the technology will help build a greener future.

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