​Maintenance management

Machine, Productivity, Database creation

Most medium-sized and large companies insist on efficient use of machines and equipment to ensure maximum productivity in their use. This can be accomplished with maintenance management which involves an accessible overview of assets, maintenance schedules and standardized work orders - all this in a paperless environment.


EFLA Consulting Engineers have an array of experience in maintenance managment system implementations and database creation. With planned, scheduled equipment maintenance you keep unforeseen breakdowns at a minimum and maximize uptime of production units.

With standardized work orders closed out using a smart device you save money and reduce paper consumption.

Minimize the cost of maintenance

With planned, scheduled equipment maintenance you keep unforeseen breakdowns at a minimum.

Among services provided are

  • A user-friendly overview of assets and equipment.
  • Database creation.
  • Implementation of relevant software.
  • Tailoring and standardizing work orders to the relevant industry.
  • Maintenance schedule creation.
  • Integration of software and ERP system.
  • Breakdown analyses.
  • Machine lifetime forecasts.
  • Work descriptions and work procedures.
  • Inventory and spare part tracking

EFLA Consulting Engineers is authorized reseller of Fiix Maintenance Management System. 


What sort of companies requires maintenance management?

All companies that own assets that require maintenance can benefit from the use of efficient maintenance management. Maintenance management system differs in many ways and EFLA Consulting Engineers assist in choosing and implementing the most relevant system for each client. 

EFLA helps improving the client's mindset towards maintenance in general, which has proven to be effective and result in lower maintenance costs in the long run.