​Acoustics and noise control

EFLA's acoustics and noise control team offers a wide selection of consulting services, including the acoustic design of new buildings and refurbishment of those already in use, internal and external noise measurements. 


Furthermore EFLA carries out production of noise maps with sound propagation models for traffic noise, flight traffic noise, noise from technical equipment and other sources.

Throughout its operations, EFLA places strong emphasis on environmentally friendly designs and decisions, and is a leader in research projects on acoustics, noise control and the environment.

Acoustics and noise control

The acoustics within a space have a major impact on the well-being, capacity and experience of the users. Numerous studies have shown how high noise levels impact people negatively.

Among services provided are 

  • Acoustic measurements performed in already built spaces (reverberation time, sound insulation, sound level measurements from technical units).
  • Acoustic measurements from noise sources in the environment.
  • Evaluation of sound insulation properties of building components and sound level from technical units.
  • Advice on sound systems and their interaction with acoustic spaces.