Wind Power

By harnessing the power of wind, countries are reducing reliance on fossil fuels. EFLA offers complete services to wind power projects at all stages of development, as well as to municipal and governmental policy makers.

a wind power under blue sky

Wind energy specialists

Wind power is, and will remain, a key component in the ongoing energy transition. It has been one of the fastest growing energy technologies in recent decades, used both in direct electrification and in the generation of hydrogen. At EFLA, we are committed to expanding the wind power network, due to its sustainability and relatively low environmental impact. We have been at the forefront of this field in Iceland since the early 2000s. We support projects from scoping of potential sites to the design phase. Our expert knowledge covers the whole spectrum needed for successful development: planning, topography, geography, environmental factors, electrical expertise, project management and more.

Quality and specialty

At EFLA, we design wind farms in harmony with nature and society, often in challenging topographical and environmental conditions. Our specialists will work with you and other stakeholders on developing safe, efficient, and cost-effective designs. Our wind power consultancy services cover, but are not limited to:

  • Scoping of possible sites
  • Pre-feasibility studies
  • Cost-benefit analyses (CBA)
  • Environmental impact assessment (EIA)
  • Application for the Master Plan for Nature Protection and Energy Utilization (Framework plan)
  • Zonal planning
  • Consultation on grid codes and connection to transmission grids
  • Time series analyses of wind resource measurements
  • Preliminary and project designs
  • Suitability analyses for municipalities

Journey to net zero

Wind power is already one of the world’s principal renewable energy sources, helping more and more countries on their journeys to net zero. EFLA consultancy services will help you develop a wind project that takes all social, environmental, and technical factors into account. We will stick to your timelines and budget, without compromising on safety and quality. Together, we can develop green energy for a low carbon future.

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