Socio-Economic Perspectives

When planning a renewable energy project, it’s important to consider its social impact and economic viability. EFLA has decades of experience in advising governments and businesses on socio-economic issues for renewable energy projects.

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Assessing renewable energy projects

At EFLA, we believe that renewable energy infrastructure should address social as well as economic benefits. Socio-economic analyses therefore form an important part of our feasibility studies. We will collaborate with you and other stakeholders to identify ways in which your infrastructure proposal would be good for local people, communities and businesses. And we will determine the economic conditions that would affect its profitability. These studies will consider the risk analysis and other assessments that we carry out for you. Throughout our work, we strive to find solutions that minimise construction and operational risk, while remaining cost-effective. That is good for your business – and the communities that you serve.

Quality and experience

EFLA’s Energy team offers you a one-stop service in evaluating your renewable energy options, from macroeconomic and feasibility assessments to construction, grid connection, and operations. Our service areas include, but are not limited to:

  • Economic feasibility assessment
  • Creation and analysis of economic models
  • Option analysis
  • Financial evaluation
  • Socio-economic cost-benefit analysis

We are unique in the breadth of experience and expertise of our staff. They have worked in the fields of transport, construction, industry, energy, economic analysis, the environment, project management and more. This multi-disciplinary team is ready to deliver robust, cost-effective and reliable solutions to all our clients.

A net zero future

A renewable energy infrastructure project is a major investment with a considerable impact on society. EFLA’s comprehensive approach gives you the confidence you need to go ahead, safe in the knowledge that the positives outweigh the negatives. Thorough planning is always vital to minimise risks and stick to timelines and budgets. With EFLA’s expert support, your project can run safely and smoothly, bringing us all one step closer to a net zero future.

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