Hydrogen and E-fuels

Hydrogen and e-fuels are an important development in the shift to a low-carbon future. EFLA’s local knowledge and engineering know-how enable us to assist e-fuel developers and investors throughout the project timeline.

An electric car being charged

Hydrogen and e-fuels consultancy

At EFLA, we’re committed to contributing our expertise to the development of e-fuel projects. We have already partnered with multiple stakeholders on feasibility studies across Iceland, including: the feasibility of hydrogen fishing boats; modelling interactive feasibility of hydrogen and ammonia production; and hydrogen liquefaction for export. We have also conducted risk assessments for ammonia pipelines (in tunnels and more than 5km overground). Currently, we are exploring the possibility of producing sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) from organic waste and plastics. A further project involves the optimization of hydrogen gas production/ storage facility, including site selection for hydrogen fuelling stations.

Hydrogen and e-fuel specialty

True to our commitment to sustainability, we have long been a strong proponent of hydrogen and e-fuel solutions in Iceland. We have invested heavily into forging networks, capacity building, and developing the knowledge base in this field. Our expertise in process, civil, electrical and environmental engineering has been put to use in a variety of successful projects and studies during the past five years. This track record gives us at EFLA the confidence to embark on further consultancy partnerships with developers and investors in the hydrogen and e-fuels field in the years to come.

The future of hydrogen and e-fuels

Thanks to the Iceland’s abundant renewable energy, the country is at the forefront of hydrogen and e-fuel development. EFLA’s business development projects have already helped further understanding of the technical and economic feasibility of hydrogen and e-fuels in Iceland, and will continue to do so. In particular, we aim to help develop ways to transport e-fuel and hydrogen so they can be exported to Europe as well as serve the emerging market in Iceland.

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