Roads and streets​

Landscape design, Interdisciplinary, Planning safety, Road, Street, Pavement, Concrete, Transportation

Interdisciplinary engineering is a natural part of most tasks in pavement engineering. Therefore, it is necessary to have employees with various academic backgrounds and experience that together achieve good overall solutions.


Effective project and design management is one of the key element for success in combining various aspects. EFLA's goal is to achieve economical, environmentally friendly and safe designs.

In road construction design, EFLA works with planning and engineering design of streets, roads and highways, from simple road crossings to large and complex projects with plan-free cross-solutions. EFLA aims to develop practical solutions and to provide good counselling to create comprehensive plans with cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions.

Planning and design of roads

EFLA seeks economic and environmentally friendly solutions in traffic and transportation projects. This is achieved through interdisciplinary design by specialists holding extensive experience in traffic engineering, planning, safety and engineering of roads and streets.

EFLA uses advanced methods and 3D tools for implementation and control in planning and design of roads and streets. It's specialists have mainly worked in Iceland, Norway and Denmark, resulting in shared experience that enhances the working procedures of EFLA's professionals.

Among services provided are

  • Pavement design; airports, roads, streets, parking facilities, pathways, cycle ways etc.
  • Design for public transport systems
  • Design management of transportation projects
  • Universal design
  • Tender documents and cost estimates
  • Supervision during the construction period
  • Traffic simulation and calculations
  • Traffic network design
  • Traffic signs, during and after construction
  • Traffic safety
  • Traffic noise
  • Strengthening of existing roads
  • Environmental engineering
  • Geological surveys
  • Landscape design
  • Design of sewage and drainage systems
  • Design of street lighting systems
  • Design of measuring and height sheets