Wind energy

EFLA's Wind Energy team offers a comprehensive one-stop range service in evaluating wind energy, from the feasibility assessment, to construction, grid connection and operation.


One of the world's principal sources of renewable energy, wind energy, is a resource to which growing numbers of countries are turning to in their search for replacements for fossil fuel and other dwindling alternatives. The utilization of wind energy has been one of the fastest growing energy technology in the world for the past decades.

Big advantage of wind energy is the relatively low environmental impacts it has and the fact that wind energy projects are almost reversible. Synergy between wind and other renewable energy sources, such as hydropower, is also of considerable interest due to the very different characteristics of each source.

Safe and cost effective solutions

EFLA strives to find safe and cost effective solutions for all projects and design wind farm structures in harmony with nature and society, minimizing construction and operational risk.

Our specialists hold comprehensive experience in evaluating site feasibility and proposing measurement campaigns in versatile and often challenging topographical and environmental condition. Our experts can carry out all civil infrastructure design, evaluate noise impact, visual impact, shadow flicker and execute LCA and EIA studies.

Among services provided are 

  • Project Management and Risk Assessment
  • Cost Estimates, Value Engineering and Scheduling
  • Initial site location and feasibility study
  • Measurement campaign consultation
  • HSE, EIA and LCA
  • Visual Impact and Shadow Flicker
  • Noise Impact
  • Geotechnical Site Investigations and Site Specific Seismic Studies
  • Energy assessment
  • Wind turbine layout design and production losses
  • Wind turbine interconnection and connection to the grid
  • Foundation and road design
  • Feasibility Studies and Project Design
  • Tender and Final Design
  • Construction Management and Site Supervision