EFLA offers a comprehensive one-stop range service in design of hydropower projects, from the initial feasibility assessment, to commissioning and operation. 


One of the world's principal sources of renewable energy, hydropower is a resource which growing numbers of countries are turning in their search for replacements for fossil fuel and other dwindling alternatives. In the near future hydropower will presumably play a key role in complementing intermittent renewable power, such as wind and solar.

Our specialists hold comprehensive experience to plan and design power plants in versatile and ever changing and often challenging environmental condition. This background comes from operating with complex and varying geological conditions, very high seismic loads, floods due to volcanic eruptions, super cooled water and anchor ice formation, glacial rivers and sedimentation.

Despite harsh conditions in the environment, EFLA strives to find safe and cost effective solutions for all projects and design pertinent structures in harmony with nature minimizing construction and operational risk.

Among servises provided are

  • Project Management and Risk Assessment
  • Cost Estimates, Value Engineering and Scheduling
  • HSE and EIA
  • Concrete Testing, Site Investigations and Geotechnical Studies
  • Site Specific Seismic Studies
  • Preliminary and Feasibility Studies
  • Project Planning
  • Tender and Final Design
  • Constructability Review Construction Management and Site Supervision
  • Claims and Disputes
  • Refurbishing and Maintenance