Risk Management

How capable is your business of coping with the unexpected? EFLA's risk management consultants will help you identify your strengths and weakness, and put a plan of action into place.

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Risk analysis and mitigation

According to the international standard ISO 31000 on risk management, risks can include anything that generates uncertainty related to an organisation’s objectives, or creates a deviation from the expected. New government policies and the impact of climate change are just two examples. EFLA follows ISO 31000 in performing risk assessments for companies in a wide range of fields. It guides us in identifying hazards, and strengthening areas such as operational continuity, economic resilience, professional reputation and environmental safety issues. We're also experienced in helping companies to protect their people by implementing ISO 45001 on occupational health and safety management systems.

Risk management expertise

EFLA has expertise in risk analysis, resilience analysis and risk management, as well as specialists in technical systems, fire risk, transport of hazardous substances, transport systems, burglary risk, and environmental risks. Our service areas include:

  • Project risk management and opportunity analysis
  • Risk and resistance analyses for roads and transport
  • Risk management system for companies and operations
  • Analysis of fire risk and technical issues
  • Environmental management system design (ISO 14001)
  • Occupational safety management system design (ISO 45001)
  • Safety plans for tourist attractions
  • Transmission and distribution system reliability analysis
  • Transmission system power and energy balance analysis

Resilience and business continuity

By managing risk, companies, institutions and communities can maximise their chances of reaching their goals. They can put in place measures to minimise hazards, reduce the severity of any adverse consequences, and even identify and seize new opportunities. Robust risk management is essential for protecting your staff and assets, ensuring business continuity, and future proofing your organisation. Let EFLA's experts help your organisation on your journey to resilience.

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