Fire Safety

Protecting staff, visitors and assets from fire is paramount for any organisation. EFLA provides comprehensive services for all levels of fire safety analysis and management, helping to give clients peace of mind.

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Meeting standards and regulations

Companies today operate under stringent fire safety regulations. Buildings must meet the latest standards, with owners required to demonstrate that fire safety is ensured. At EFLA, our team of fire safety experts will work with you on developing performance-based solutions that comply with local legislation. They're designed to suit your building's unique architecture and usage, from underground structures to high-rises. We'll carry out fire and smoke flow simulations using computational fluid dynamics (CFD), evacuation simulations, and other theoretical calculations to ensure our designs and materials meet rigorous standards. Our solutions are practical and cost-effective without ever compromising on safety.

Our multidisciplinary approach

At EFLA, we take our responsibility as fire safety experts seriously. Our team keeps up-to-date with developments in the field, both nationally and internationally, to ensure we're always giving the latest guidance. But we never try to do it alone. We're proud of our multidisciplinary nature: our fire safety team works closely with specialists in areas such as HVAC, electrical systems, and structural engineering. And at the heart of our approach is our proactive collaboration with clients. We have the technical expertise – but you know your company the best. Together, we'll find fire safety solutions that make sustainable use of your resources and work for you.

Holistic solutions

No matter your building's size or the construction materials used, we'll design you a holistic fire safety system. Our goal is to meet your company's needs, balancing risks and finding you cost-effective answers. And we'll ensure that our solutions follow the latest regulations and standards, future-proofing your building and company operations. Your people and buildings make your company what it is – and keeping them safe is a duty we can share with you.

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