Occupational Health and Safety Strategies

A good Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) strategy is essential in all workplaces to protect people and meet legal obligations. EFLA is certified as an OHS specialist by the Icelandic OHS association.

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Risk OHS expertise and experience

The health and safety of a company’s employees are of paramount importance. EFLA's experts can help your organisation protect its people during construction programmes and workplace operations. For construction programmes, we help ensure safeguarding, worker well-being, and legislative compliance by planning a robust OHS strategy to suit the unique circumstances of each project. Our specialists always emphasise the need for OHS management to start early, covering the design stage, the pre-construction work planning stage, and then work on the construction site itself. For workplaces in operations, our consultants work closely with clients to ensure the environment is safe and complies with all regulations.

OHS risk analyses

No matter how small or large your project, EFLA can help ensure it’s a safe one. We have comprehensive experience in helping companies in many sectors carry out risk assessments and implement OHS systems according to ISO 45001. We work closely with designers to identify risks at the construction and operational stages. Based on that work, we prepare an OHS plan and risk assessment, usually as part of tender documents. Before work commences, EFLA can draw up on-site safety rules and an OHS quality system and handbook. During the construction stage, we can participate as an OHS manager, supervisor, or other OHS role.

Safe working environments

A safe, pleasant working environment goes hand-in-hand with efficient, cost-effective business operations and high performing employees. It's clear evidence of a positive company culture, and will help you recruit and retain top talent, and grow your business. Plus, you'll be meeting your moral and legal obligations as a conscientious employer who cares about staff. Let EFLA guide you to a more robust OHS strategy today!

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