3-D model of the volcanic eruption in Iceland


Fresh lava flow coming from a crater

EFLA's photogrammetry and drone specialists were recently on location at the volcanic eruption on the Reykjanes peninsula in Iceland. The purpose of the trip was to fly a drone over the area and capture images that would then be turned into a 3-D model of the area.

3-D model

The active area has generated a lot of interest both in Iceland and abroad and geologists from all over the world are monitoring the situation closely. Data is being collected on a grand scale and drones play a big part in that operation. Drones can watch for changes in the lava field as well as capture images that are then be turned into information that give a clear image of what‘s going on at any time.

The 3-D model that was generated by EFLA Consulting Engineers can be viewed from a browser and it's easy to rotate the model and zoom in and out using a mouse or any kind of trackpad.

Use of drone to capture images

EFLA's specialists used a drone to circle the lips of the volcano from a safe distance and capture the images of this awe-inspiring event. The conditions for photogrammetry were generally favourable, although the volcano was obscured by the plume from time to time.

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