Transmission and distribution

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At EFLA, we are helping to power the world through our global consultancy services for transmission and distribution systems. We are leaders in many European markets, with an outstanding track record that speaks for itself.

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Cost-effective transmission and distribution systems

No matter how complex the demands, EFLA designs power systems that have sustainability and cost-effectiveness at their heart. We provide consulting services on transmission lines and all related infrastructure, such as substations and underground cable networks. Our work covers feasibility studies, load flow and economic analysis, environmental impact assessments, concept studies, detail design, procurement and construction support. EFLA’s highly qualified staff have worked on both HVAC and HVDC lines, overcoming socio-economic challenges and engineering demands such as compact sites, aesthetics and maximization of power transfer. We always strive to obtain the best return on investment through optimization of capital and maintenance costs.

Sustainable transmission and distribution

Quality and sustainability underpin all of EFLA’s work. We have 90 engineers and technicians in six European countries working solely on transmission and distribution projects. Together, they cater to more than 10 languages, facilitating international cooperation. Our global portfolio of challenging projects gives us a unique perspective and the expertise to solve complex challenges. We care about the environment and take our responsibilities towards it seriously, designing systems to exist in harmony with nature We develop high quality transmission and distribution solutions to support communities and businesses. In everything we do, we strive to exceed client expectations.

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