Transmission Lines

Across the world, transmission lines power our communities and businesses. EFLA provides comprehensive consultancy in the field of transmission line design, with decades of experience gained from the Arctic to Africa and beyond.

Transmission line in nature

Innovative transmission line solutions

The planning and design of transmission lines have been part of EFLA’s core business since 1979. Our methods have flexed with the emergence of new technology and greater environmental awareness, but the underlying principles remain the same. We always work closely with clients and other stakeholders , and combine innovation and practical expertise to find solutions to the most complex challenges. These include designing and developing transmission lines in demanding environments characterized by high ice and/ or wind loads, including Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Finland, Canada, Greenland and Africa and covers AC and DC lines ranging from 11 kV to 500 kV.

Comprehensive transmission line services

Our strengths lie in our long history of international experience, and the breadth of our knowledge of transmission lines. Among the many services we provide are:

  • Route planning and optimization
  • Environmental Impact Assessments
  • Planning and licensing support
  • Geotechnical, electrical and mechanical design
  • Design of new OHTL and reinforcements of existing lines
  • Line refurbishment projects
  • Line reconductoring projects
  • Uprating and upgrading of existing lines
  • Tender documentation and evaluations
  • Procurement technical support
  • Factory acceptance testing
  • Construction supervision, management
  • Risk assessments, failure investigations and other specialized research
  • Emergency restoration planning
  • Software development and training

Safe, cost-effective transmission lines

With our global experience, you can be assured that we will meet international standards and provide best-practice solutions. The transmission lines we design for you will be cost-effective with a focus on safety, performance, and reliability. We place great emphasis on aesthetics and nature conservation, designing high voltage towers in harmony with their surroundings. That means reliable electric power with a minimal environmental impact – even in rough terrain and remote locations.

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