Nonnekloppen cycle- and footbridge in Bergen

Tender design, Foot and cycle path, Bridge, Bergen

EFLA has carried out the tender design of a new steel bridge for pedestrians and cyclists at Nygaardstangen by Store Lungegårdsvann bay in Bergen, Norway. 

Tender design of foot- and cycle paths, drainage system and lighting was also a part of the project, as well as the geotechnical design of an underwater landfill.

About this Project

The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, Western Region


Bergen, Norway



The project's objective

The bridge at Nygaardstangen will be a part of a new system of foot- and cycling paths around the Store Lungegårdsvann bay in Bergen. The south end of the bridge, located next to Bergen fire station, will be founded upon a 6 m thick landfill which forms a viewing platform by the bay. Future plans include a helicopter landing platform on the landfill. 

The new steel bridge has a free width of 6 m, and crosses an inlet of the bay into an open area outside the AdO Arena and the Amalie Skram high school. The project scope includes the planning and design of a pedestrian and cycling path and the design of an underwater landfill. 

The bridge design is a steel box girder with a varying box height over a 60 m span, with partly hidden 6 m long end spans at either end. The bridge abutments are made of concrete, founded upon drilled steel piles.

Environmental issues

Due to the presence of contaminated deposits in the Store Lungegårdsvann bay, specification of environmental field studies, sampling and surveillance is a part of the project tender. This will be performed by the contractor.

EFLA's role

  • Choice of bridge solution in collaboration with architects and the client
  • Concept design of several possible bridge options
  • Tender design of a 72 m long steel box girder bridge
  • Tender design of a 350 m long foot- and cycle path
  • Geotechnical design of a landfill of approximately 55.000 m3
  • Lighting design
  • Specification of a drainage system
  • Tender documents
  • Follow up and consulting during execution

The project's long term benefits

Improved access for pedestrians and cyclists in this part of Bergen.