Transmission lines

EFLA has over 35 years of experience in the design of transmission lines and has been working on transmission line projects in over 20 countries. EFLA's specialists provide comprehensive consultancy in the field of the transmission line design.


Planning and design of transmission lines have been part of the core business of EFLA since 1979, and the company has worked with the design and development of transmission lines in Iceland, Norway, Sweden, France, Finland, Canada, Greenland and Africa.

EFLA has highly qualified staff with extensive experience in the design of transmission lines around the world. This worldwide experience in various challenging international projects has given EFLA unique perspective and expertise to solve complicated OHTL projects.

International experience

EFLA's speciality is the long history of international experience and broad knowledge of all aspects related to transmission lines. EFLA designs transmission lines that fulfil today's requirements for cost-effective design with a focus on safety, quality and the environment.

EFLA offers consulting services for power systems; from analysis, impact assessments and concept studies in early stages to completion of design, construction and operation of power lines as well as underground cables and substations.

Among services provided are

  • Route planning and Tower spotting
  • Geotechnical design and research
  • Electrical design (isolation coordination, EMF, Audible noise, specifications, etc)
  • Mechanical design (Towers, foundations and electromechanical)
  • Design of conductors, fittings and insulators
  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Design of new transmission lines (66 kV - 765 kV)
  • Upgrade of existing lines (Voltage upgrade, temperature upgrade, reinforcements)
  • Concept studies
  • Tender documentation
  • Construction management and technical control
  • Cost studies
  • 3D visualisations and terrain mapping
  • Software development and training