Flood estimations - Norway

Sørfold, Waterway, Cross sectional, Erosion assessment

EFLA did a flood and waterline report with calculations in 16 waterways in North-Norway. The report included cross-sectional measurements and erosion assessment.

About this Project

State Highways Authority in Norway, Region North

August - December 2015

Sørfold, North-Norway


The project's objective

The project was done in connection with the new E6 highway between Megården and Mørsvikbotn in Sørfold municipality, and included calculating flood events with a return period of 200 years with a corresponding waterline in a total of 16 points. The project also included an assessment of the need for erosion protection and suggestions for stone sizes.

Environmental issues

Calculation of flood height was part of the project

EFLA's role

  • Calculations of design flood events with a return period of 200 years.
  • A flood rate analysis using NVE's program Hydra 2 and the logical equation.
  • Flow rate calculations.
  • Sizing of culverts under roads and bridges.
  • Calculation of flood height.
  • Description of erosion protection measures.
  • Surveying of the waterways.
  • Surveillance of soil operations to protect natural waterways.

The project's long term benefits

Bridges and culverts are size-determined with respect to floods with a return period of 200 years, ensuring road safety and contributing to the road being protected against flood damage.

Flóðareikningar í Sorfold

Flóðareikningar í Sorfold

Flóðareikningar í Sorfold