Utilising every resource


Art piece made from concrete.

This April, at the annual trade fair Verk og vit in Iceland, EFLA demonstrated its unwavering commitment to sustainable construction with the theme 'Utilizing Every Resource '. Our stand was made purely of recycled material.

Made from rubble waste

The booth, a testament to our dedication, was constructed entirely from recycled materials. This showcased our commitment to reusing building materials in new projects, a fundamental aspect of sustainability.

Collaborating with Verkvinnslan, an artist specialising in rubble waste from demolished buildings, we transformed recycled construction materials into something new for our exhibition booth. This fruitful partnership perfectly aligned with our sustainability goals and showcased our dedication to recycling in our projects.

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the exhibition. The wooden pavilion, representing our dedication, will find a new home in Verkvinnslan's workplace. Meanwhile, the concrete artwork, showcasing our innovative reuse of materials, will be given a permanent home at EFLA's headquarters in Reykjavík, inspiring future generations.

Exhibition booth

Exhibition booth at the annual trade fair Verk og vit in Iceland in April 2024.