Opportunities in challenging times


single transmission tower

The global energy transition is underway. The world needs to unite around this enormous challenge – climate change respects no borders.


In principle, the energy transition entails replacing fossil fuels with energy from green, sustainable sources. The world's green energy production needs to multiply - at a record pace. The wind and the sun will play major roles in this transition.

In fact, the world is facing a gigantic change management task. Mindsets need to change, technology needs to develop, new value chains will appear, green industries and infrastructure will have to emerge, and societies need to adapt. And this needs to happen all over the world.

The effects of climate change are already apparent, and we have the huge task of building community resilience and protection. The world is racing for time.

However, if the global community reacts, climate change development can be reversed. It will not happen overnight, but the steps need to be taken one after the other, with a clear vision, systematically and decisively. We need to commit for the long term, even if there will be uncertainty and unsolved issues every step of the way. We have to set sail!

A superb "energy story"

Analysis has shown that the economic benefits of the energy transition are tremendous, even if the investments are huge. Therefore, the energy transmission not only improves environmental and social factors supporting healthier communities but also represents a profitable investment and opportunities for new value creation and progress in the world at large.

Iceland has a superb “energy story” to tell, with renewable energy laying the foundation for the nation's prosperous existence by the arctic circle in the middle of the North Atlantic. This achievement has additionally resulted in the development of outstanding technical knowledge within the country that has filtered into all segments of the community, creating new opportunities and valuable export of knowledge.

transmission tower and a serene lake at the background

EFLA a global leader

EFLA Consulting Engineers is a clear example of a knowledge-based organization created in this environment. The company´s significant knowledge and experience in varied fields of engineering and technology are, to a significant extent owing to the utilization of renewable energy in Iceland, in the generation of energy, transmission, energy industries, infrastructure and societal development.

A testimony to EFLA's achievements is its position within the field of energy transmission. Recently the Icelandic media reported a new and significant project for Svenska kraftnät in Sweden that EFLA had successfully tendered for. Once more, it was evidenced that EFLA is a global leader in this field and has the best position when the demands are highest. EFLA's subsidiaries in Norway, Sweden, Poland, France and Germany are all in leading positions within their markets.

The export of valuable knowledge

In 2022, EFLA received the Icelandic Export Award from the President of Iceland, acknowledging the significant contribution of EFLA to the export of valuable knowledge and international activities extending over two decades. This is primarily in the field of energy transmission but is also related to geothermal energy utilization and industrial control systems in industry and power plants.

Let's embrace the energy transition in full force, thereby laying new foundations for well-balanced and prosperous communities and creating exemplary achievements based on leading knowledge.