Lifetime Achievement Award for Kevan Shaw


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Kevan Shaw, Design Director of KSLD | EFLA Lighting design, is honoured with the LIT Lifetime Achievement Award 2018 for a lifelong contribution to lighting design.


The LIT Design Awards were created to draw attention to lighting design and to recognise excellence in the field. This year was the very first LIT Lifetime Achievement Award presented, and the committee selected Kevan Shaw to receive the honour. Kevan's career in lighting design began over 40 years ago. In 1989, he founded the lighting company Kevan Shaw Lighting Design known as KSLD, based in his home town of Edinburgh, Scotland.

Kevan's achievement in the field of lighting design consists of over 700 projects worldwide. Some of his more recent and notable projects include lighting for the Scottish Parliament Debating Chamber and the Scott Monument in Edinburgh, and now the city's historic North Bridge.

On receiving the award, Kevan said, “I am absolutely delighted to be honoured with this inaugural lifetime achievement award at such a young age! I have every intention of continuing my career in the same way as I have been, ensuring I remain worthy of this great honour.”

Long term partnership with EFLA

KSLD merged with EFLA Consulting Engineers in November 2018, after a successful long-term partnership. We congratulate Kevan on this great honour and look forward to continuing our collaboration with him in the field of lighting design.

More about the award on the LIT website.

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From the ceremony in Budapest on the 3rd of October.